Onward and Upward .. I Pray

Here’s the plan:  short and sweet, lotsa-links, inspiration, and to the point! Lets see how well I do. Just don’t grade me on this paper ok!? After our summer of personal series of unfortunate events, I have promised the next post would be of enlightenment to the lessons I have take from those **** experiences

The first thing is, I have learned that I can do stuff. I can do DIYs! I don’t just pin them, share them, or tweet them anymore! I have actively taken part in my own role of DIY’er. So much so I started at the top, with an IKEA Hack!

“What’s an IKEA hack J9?!” You ask. 

“A Closet On a Bookcase?” first step was to turn closet on it’s side –that’s when they lost me!

Well, the way I see it is:  Think about IKEA first. In and of itself the thought just scares me. Then, remember the last item-to-build you purchased there. Recall the three ‘life-lines’ you were given upon starting the put-together-project, going into it alone, and sit in that fear for a moment….Then, when you’ve returned from rocking like a baby in the corner over there, and removed your thumb from your mouth, read on. The instructions, piece count, directions, countless trips back to the store for missing items, estimated time of six hours work in reality it’s six days (for me), and you’ve got The first word understood:  “IKEA” right

An IKEA Hack above is a mixture of that horror, picture it:  and Dr. Suess on some elicit street drug, shaking his courvoisier (cognac) on the rox in hand, while slapping my fried brain around with his fatal cocktail, scorching me with an evil laughter … it all causes my poor head to ache…However, I just fell into my ‘hack’ by accident. (I don’t self-created suffering anymore)

Here are some photos from the beginning of my DIY career. (Promise not to laugh too hard) From Instagram

My Wanna Be IKEA Hack

my wanna be Ikea Hack from Shoe Rack to Towel Rack ;D

 Excuse the unprofessional photography but, all I gots an iPhone 4S for now…laugh all you like, I am super proud of myself! 

IKEA Hack 2

IKEA shoe rack to my small space DIY towel rack

super proud! excuse the mess behind the photo. we were in renovations all summer and it’s a rental. 

IKEA Hack 3

last but not least, photo of perfectly fit potty side shot ;P

Next image is linked to my Pinterest account, only because I do not have time to further resaerch all the sources. You all know I send the credit to creator. 

dubbed Neon Lumberjack Wood on FLICKR


This is the way were headed with the shoe rack turned towel rack hack for our bathroom. I am not sure exactly how or where, but I will be using this type of coloring pattern.

The good news continues from the **** summer, to the white walled blank canvas we now have to work with for our interior decor. TEEN and I are so used to moving our entire lives (unfortunately for whatever reasons..), that we barely sleep in the same bed every night. Around the one year & a half mark there’s an ‘itch’ I get inside, that causes me to look at moving. NO MORE. Since LO, thats against the rules”–like I always say to her, lol. 

The remaining images are designs by others I have sourced on Etsy and Pinterest, are the inspirational creators of the new DIY sensation I feel in my bones as of late. Colour seems to be the main focus. Follow each of the photo links to their (Pinterest) pins. 


Geometric Art oEtsy

Geometric Art on Etsy

Unfortunately,I couldn’t find my link to this one. However, its listed in my favorites on my Etsy Profile (link above & sidebar to follow me there)! I thought I would try this one as a DIY project actually, with some fantastic washi tape from Pretty Tape. A fav from Dallas, TX on line. The following photos are the same idea (DIY). Now that Im an expert, you’ll have to come back to check up on our progress :D

Coloured Tree Slices

Coloured Tree Slices on Etsy

We have some of these from our neighbourhood Discovery Walk last winter! 

More Tree Slices on Etsy

More Tree Slice Art via Etsy

More Tree Slice Art via Etsy fav’s of mine

Here’s another idea I have already played with…


DIY Washi Tape photo frames

DIY Washi Tape photo frames

However, I prefer ours to look not so perfect–like these:


DIY Washi tape photo frame ideas

DIY Washi tape photo frame ideas

Follow link to source for better image sizes.

This last one I prefer above all. I prefer to add little treasuries and pieces we’ve collected on our travels, to the frames. A paper flower TEEN created here (like yellow below), a photo LO painted or ripped and glued there–adding it to the personality of our DIY Washi Tape Photo Framed Wall art. 

DIY Washi Tape photo frames

DIY Washi Tape photo frames


I soo look forward to connecting again soon. Leave behind some inspirational DIY projects you’re involved in or excited about. I am always on a hunt for encouragement and simple step by step tutorials LOL!! OK, Much to be done around here. At least its not cleaning up *** anymore!

Blessings and Wonderous Weekends to you All,

JayNine xox 

IMAGE NOTE *** Each of those pins when clicked will forward you to a new window revealing to you it’s credible source. I give all designers their credit and have no intention of offending or infringing on copyright laws by sharing these photos in any way. I do not endorse nor oppose the use of the products connected to any source. I simply share for enjoyment purposes only.  










365 Parenting Challenge

That’s it! I’m DONE! I have put this off for far too long and the guilt and shame is relentless!
No More!

After reading this post by the Vanilla Housewife)(follow her!) I made a decision. A decision to take action, action against myself!
3 days ago, I took an oath to no longer ‘scream’ and/or ‘yell’ at my children. I am on day 4/365 to scream-free parenting; in accordance to the guidelines from the Orange Rhino Challenge.(about), with much to report…Unexpected results have happened already.

Without needing to go into an entire background check of reasons why I have scrreamed and yelled as a parent in the last 14 years, I would like to remain focused on the present moment and future successes. I am using this post to admit my faults, flaws, and absolute inability to control any situation around me, without yelling. I am focused on looking forward. I am determined to create change. I admit my misuse of parental power or that which I believed I had attained by yelling. (imagine?) This, my friends, make NO mistake is an extremely difficult flaw to admit; to you, to anyone. Anyone that has participated in something like this will say the same thing! I commend and thank those that came before me to share their inspiration. Remember, I am essentially admitting defeat in myself, in my parenting skills, admitting the cause of pain to my own precious child. (as I sit in tears).

But, on with the Challenge(details here)!!!
I taking up my sword** rising it against my foe, and ridding my-SELF of: the great angry woman/mother/hurt child that lies inside me and cheats me from having any real happy new experiences with my children today. With BOTH of my children. Teen and Four year old.
(**sword: reference to the assistance here from the Rhino Site suggestions, but also, the
Word Of God that is my core strength).

Today, I am (RE-) taking this Oath for all to witness, in writing here and will be publicly held accountable and report to you all, the challenges and changes to come. Orange Rhino site to join me. Take a look around to read the comments, replies, reports, and support of each other, on each. Or read 12 Steps to Stop Yelling at Your Children.

I have made it (almost to the end of day) 4 days, without screaming ‘at’ my 4 year old or teen!
I have made so much progress with my LO that I feel a sense of trust re-building, and rejoicing in my heart, that I can actually feel, glowing, strongly. The binds of our relationship are not heavy, weak, and based on fear. Their uplifting, strong, and based on love. Don’t get me wrong, LO knows when a change is in the air and produced the most difficult and defiant situations this weekend before me–in hopes I’d scream. Oh no folks, she does do some of it intentionally, to see how far til I scream. This weekend, lol, shes tried so much that I looked at her and said, in a calm voice(at her level)with a smile on my face (all I could do not to break my toe in drywall) “I know you want mommy to scream yes? Well, it’s not going to happen so stop trying” LOL
We had one incident maybe I will link a post to that here at some point.

So far, SOO good...
I will be posting updates as the days pass and placing the Links to them under a new Page I will start today (adding links regularly), titled: “365 Parenting” Each post numbered as such.
Today will be filed under “4/365”
Hopefully I will move forward,
and not back in number.
Leave with me your tips, advice, helpful links, or some kicks in the butt to keep up the work I must complete as it has been a fruitful weekend since beginning this Challenge.

In Sincerest Honesty,

JayNine xo
*I will be adding a most helpful “Page” full of links for help for any others in need of support; or even children’s activities, for your parenting resources. You can leave help tips in the “Reply” space, there too.