Who Fills Your Jar?

Friday, I started off the Link Day Friday post, pretty well. I was pumped to say the least! I had been organizing and collectively arranging photos and descriptions all throughout last week. It actually looked as if it would have been an informative success! Spent pretty much all of my morning, finalizing photos, copying links, done and done. I had completed the spelling check and a once over. Now, it was time for a breather. I also work between iPad app and PC on line version of WordPress; which I do to cause myself more confusion. Honestly, it’s easier to save and upload photos this way–just not to set them up well. I check on PC to add links, descriptions, and center photos before publishing. At this point, the Link Day Friday Post was good to go but, my brain was tired. Needed relief from computer world for a moment or two…

Oh, I better mention: I’ve also been praying much more lately and started a new bible study with an on line group of (my real life) friends. Let’s just say whenever I throw prayer and “God’s Will” into the mix, my life can begin acting a little stranger than usually. Without getting into the fact that I always say my prayers lately, its been well, more concentrated. I ask for my will mainly to be aligned with the Lord’s for the day. Ask Him to join me in my craziness, in hopes He will make it fruitful if not on track. Matthew is the Chapter we are going over; quite slowly I might add. Baby steps are the way I soak info in best! But, back to my day…

Before publishing, somewhere within the ease of my distractibility (<–yes, it’s a word yippee!), I must have taken a wrong turn around noon. I am soo easily distracted…++ *”ooohh look! something shiny! Huh? oh yeah!*”….these days! Be it an overactive imagination, or increased lack of concentration; whatever it is, has worsened within the last 3 years. On my wrong turn (or my tangent) I traveled, probably only to copy paste another perfect link, and I end up on these mason jars — “mason jars..? What?…Really J9? what about the links/photos you prepared?…” I often ask myself these sorts of questions.

I wasn’t way too concerned as to why. I mean, I am interested in mason jars as well anyways. In fact, we do have a utility closet full of empty coffee canisters, jars, containers, tubs and more. I think every Mom should have one of these life-saving spaces for rainy days and crafts. At my Mother’s House, we have a “God Can” she started in early recovery from about 18 years ago now. I have always wanted to start a gratitude jar with my girls. I however, am plagued with an ‘out-of-sight, out-of-mind’ memory system (also new to me). Or is that just straight outta my mind? Still, I was good with mason jars now.

Strangely, I felt like scrapping and deleting the entire original Friday’s post?! Rather out of the blue. I mean, I worked so hard all week dedicated to sourcing favorites, photos, links, and I was at the polishing off step…was I crazy really now? …Anyway I rolled with it! I saved it for another day and followed through with the mason jar post. I thought, well I could always save it if I didn’t like it. My focus was effortlessly, just ‘re-adjusted’. I flowed through and published the “Link Day Friday (2)” post. ahhh! done and done ;) I was very pleased and set off to plan our evening.

We were to eat dinner, then go for a swim at the neighbours. We’ve both got rowdy children, that play very well together I might add. After LO got home from school (daycare) I headed to the bbq and to my surprise, within minutes, the weather had taken a turn for the worst! Enormous black clouds blanketed the sunny skies. The wind roughly tossed leaves off our ginormous maple and evergreens swayed in the harsh gusts of wind. A check on the weather network confirmed their Warning:  Severe Thunder Storms and Possibility of Tornado activity. “WHHAAT?” We don’t often get these warnings in my neck of Ontario, Canada.

I could feel the rush through my veins the excitement and fear from my childhood. It was a favorite pastime of mine to watch severe storms, filled with sheer terror with my Mother on our eleventh storey balcony. The sets of purple lightening hitting the earths from way up that high. We could see so much. I felt it ‘quality time’ then, growing up (with then an alcoholic mother). I appreciated and dreamt mainly of these moments into my teens.

This Storm wasn’t so lavish but, I caught a few seconds! (mind my voice and manners, not sure what i said there) Taken with Instagrams new video service. Take a look at our Instagram life here. First,
WATCH VIDEO:  Storm VIDEO 35 seconds what it looked like from my J9’s Instagram   (which I cannot guarantee will work either because of WP rules; but only 35 seconds long!)
At the exact secondthe video ends , there are screeches from my livingroom: A Power Outage, no doubt. Off to calm the children and collect the candles…45 minutes later and still, no power.

OK! Damn electricity: you win! * I HATE power outages! Entertaining any amount of children in the complete darkness, surrounded by fire hazards; is not fun for anyone. But, I do what I always do best, find the ‘lighter’ side of any situation!

Renewed, I announce, “the perfect time for uninterrupted quality craft time!” (normally I love craft time, just a little reluctant in no power). Also, I cant see. lol. Time to dig in the dark through the nearest craft bin: they’re all up high so LO cannot destroy…

I head for the closet, open the door, out flies the empty tins…really.


You see!? This is God’s active sense of humor, in my personal experience… He just loves me.  ;)

I have soo many more but, what are the funniest times within your relationship with God? Can you share with us in a post? Re-Blog response? What does your active relationship with God look like in your life?

JayNine xoxo

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

Here’s a ‘fresh’ challenge for us all here on WordPress!

I have been looking for new challenges and ways to be more active in our wordpress communities. I need simple , more show, less writing ones for now–THIS! IS perfect for me:)

Stay tuned to see my photos updated.

Take a look at designated post and photo tags, for a look at photos from other bloggers too. Like a few. Search the unique. So many inspirations from this one challenge!

To take part, follow the re-blog for the original link and see challenge instructions.

However, I will reshare them on my next, first “Weekly Photo Challenge” post.

Look forward to seeing your photos soon,


Take Me Back Tuesday!

PLEASE, “Take Me Back Tuesday”


Ohh how I long for the days of ‘Personalized Guitar Picks’

Along with re-decorating, re-arranging furniture, and re-de-cluttering consistently; Springtime around our home (on ‘ME Time’) is filled with the music of my youth.

I was born in…MID-late seventies, an era when music was music. It was not fully digitally created by a computer, it was designed to inspire the senses, create connections and communication, in an era that wasn’t ruined run by technology.

Source: etsy.com via Jeanine on Pinterest

A Tape Cassette Floor Light for the ambiance of the past today, a perfect find!

Although my blog is titled ‘j9sopinion’ I try to steer completely clear of firm standing ‘opinions’ probably, for fear of some form or another, of rejection, as I’m sure that’s what my elders would tell me! However, there’s just no hiding the truth about this fact: I do not enjoy much of the music ‘created‘ today. I much prefer a good ole slue of guitar solo’s, drum banging, smashing, acca-pella singing, songs of worship sure; even some good old head banging for all I care–point is, the ‘stuff’ they throw on the radio today doesn’t compare a penny to the classics of my past.


Hey Jude Framed Art Work, via Etsy

I say that all in the same breath, of enjoying ‘the Beatles‘ from my favorite Radio Station (<–click for a listen!) while it pumps out of my computer through their “on line player“(see why I stay away from opinions, always ends up with “foot-in-mouth-disease” ;0)

“Take Me Back Tuesday!” Back to the days flowers were touched, not touched up. Back to the irresponsibility and freedom of my youth. Back to the happiness of Happy Days and Yellow Submarine’s. Back to the Future.

Sing: “Here comes the Sun, and I say!”

If you’re looking for me I’ll be lying in a field somewhere, where I am late for nothing; gazing up at the clouds with my head laid back in the grass…Back with the grass that HAD pesticides on it, that I survived being Comfortably Numb in, for hours of relaxation. Days when you’d Stand By Me
(without a gun or a synthesizing digital program download…whatever that is)

Tune In, Turn it Up, and Take Yourself Back Today!
Forget for a moment…the troubles of today..and Let It Be

Source: etsy.com via Jeanine on Pinterest

    Strawberry Fields Forever Man,