Challenge the Rhino

Hey There!

Just a quick check in with you all! We have been busy around here, keeping our voices down, fingers working and much kid playtime! I have many photos to share with you all and look forward to sharing them with you.

As you all know I have joined forces with the Vanilla HouseWife in the “The Orange Rhino Challenge“. 365 days to eliminate the yelling and screaming that doesn’t work (anyway) in my parenting. The Orange Rhino Challenge was created by a Mom like any one of us, whom had difficulties in screaming and yelling ‘at’ (creator descriiption on her page*) her children.


This Challenge was designed to encourage Mom’s/Parents/CareGivers to explore other more healthy options for Parenting without damaging words tones and voice levels. To be held accountable for her commitment she shared it publicly! Another way to collect support, inspiration, and shares from other parents to assist her in her journey; which is now a large on line community where all parents can utilize the strengths and stories of others, to help themselves. There is much information to be had from the ‘Orange Rhino Challenge‘(about), it’s creator, to ‘Take The Challenge‘, the public stories and shares on the Facebook Page for all to use! More links for assistance from page: Revelations, Resources, Alternative Actions, Contact Info

I am on day 1st for the 3rd time, because I have chosen to be hard on myself. Or dedicated. Last night was actually the very first time I actually raised my voice in frustration ‘at’ my child (no where even remotely close to past at all no comparison whatsoever!) However QUICK I was to recover my tone, lower my voice, but the action had already been done, and this is the way I take responsibility for my actions. There has been NOTHING but increased agitation, aggression, confusion and loudness from my 4 year old, since the day I took the Challenge within myself just about 7 days ago. Note to Self: Get a separate Calendar for proper celebrated day counts* (lol)

The reactions from the children whom are now in uprise against the authority all over the house (or the daycares or schools) now, while parents are endevouring on this type of challenge, has worldly increased! Or, is that the voice of my SCREAMING, grip of death lock, my LO has now when I drop her off at daycare? .. Either way, she now has no where to vent her aggression and anger issues, without both of us being held completely accountable for our actions.
(We do have other exploration going on for LO to have a place, space to deal with her aggression)

As scary, difficult and trying this Challenge can FEEL, sound or look; it is by far thee greatest thing that has ever happened to our relationship.

Update: in 6 days I have raised my voice. twice. (Wrong. Yes. I have counted it in my challenge chart) The voices around my home have lowered to a minimum at our best levels. The behaviors have shifted. It’s almost immeasurable the effort it takes, to the comparison of the results. The relationships flourishing, feeling more nourished, and the peace bubbling in my heart has never felt so intense. The children are paying more attention (including the teen? wow;) Their words with me are as great as my words with them. There is more work to be done. The results are beyond rewarding. I have no words to express my gratitude to the Mom that begun this inspirational life altering Challenge.

Get involved Mom. My LO reminds me already, “gentle voices Mom”.
Take The Challenge

JayNine xo

Ps. Stop over and encourage Miss Fanny P and my girl at the Fascinations of a Vanilla Housewife to assist in encouraging us to keep up the heard work this Challenge is for us! Thanks Moms!

ruby’s a must

a while back now i purchased a book app from our itunes app store. it was a simple story, with simple illustrations. the introduction was captivating to my four year old; whom doesn’t partake in much screen responsing or instructional understanding. she was taken by the ladies voice (from ‘Ruby’s Studio’) and off she went, exploring the names and meanings of her ‘feelings’. this is a very big challenge for her (& I) to express so we’ll take any assistance we can get.

THEN, end of story where its suggested to check them out on line HERE

i will wait until you finish previewing a small portion of one digital download; or check in with me later when you return if you check ‘Ruby’s Studio’ out …. i was off for a long look around, finding like i had discovered a hidden/sunken treasure that the WHOLE World of MOM’s (& parents) MUST discover!  covering simple advice, tips, and regular moms stuff; to a section of ‘tough topics’–where i find myself the most comfortable somedays LOL!

then i went further to search for more books of course because LO had enjoyed ‘feelings’ soooo thoroughly and i didnt find any! but, what i DID FIND:   Ruby’s Studio — “Overcoming Frustration: Sally Simon Simmons” – segment  was much further information, interesting video tips and even more digital content for the children that are extremely helpful to ME & MINE! I had to share with you all immediately! all i can think of to describe this to you is a well articulated website, a clean layout, easy to use interface for me and the youngsters, a must use! their focus next to designing childrens creative products (which sorry i didnt even look at was so taken with their mission) is raising healthy children with social skills, self-safety, emotional literacy, and how to be happy.  a well expressed and not overpowering system. when i completed watching my first video at Ruby’s Studio youtube channel i subscribed immediately; thinking i’d look up to see a million subs like im always the ‘last to know’ but, theres ONLY 144 subscribers!? i was very surprised and was pushed with as little time as i have on weekends, to share this with you all right away!

PLEASE, do yourself and other moms (&families) a great service, check ‘Ruby’s Studio’ out for yourself.

Thanks for reading, and a very Happy Mother’s Day to you all,