Lessons while Driving

Each and every time, without fail, that I get the opportunity to drive any friends car, alone, without the children, on a nice day (or not); I cannot help but do a few of the following:

* HONK at cows!
A MUST!are you kidding me! They are the coolest creatures on earth and have a great life. Stand, sit, lye, eat, sleep, Repeat. If I believed in re-incarnation, I’d want to be a cow. (but, not one that would be harmed…) I’d have a bunch of fabulous buddies, hangin in the feilds, chewin complainin chatin, moooo’in; maxin and relaxin. Really! Feed me lots, and let me roam. Having already had, the opportunity to feel like a “milked” cow during breast feeding; I am not sure I’d mind that part very much either! Seriously, HONK AT A COW the next time you see a bunch on a country drive: WATCH their reaction! They really appreciate it!

** SING!
ooohh no, not just sing a tune here and there! I talking half way out the window like a dog on a hot day SING. Like in EVERY video of Mariah Carey type: hair stickin to my poppin lip gloss, beltin it out fearlessly–like I THINK I can actually sing. I cannot sing to save my own life but, I do it anyways!
What I enjoy most is the reactions I get from passerby folks or at the lights. Strangers starring. I just pretend I cannot see their faces. Holding a straight face is a difficult game. Some sing along, give a wave, look at me like I have 3 heads–doesnt change my tone. It is thee only place I know I wont see these people again.
TIP: Epecially fun when driving out of your own town.

*** PRAY:
Praying in a vehicle for me reminds me of when I first got ‘clean and sober’ 7+ years ago and ‘re-found God’ (whom had never left, another post..). There was once of these anonymous ‘poems’ or encouraging writings by someone just circulating around at the time with the suggestion: “..when in doubt, talk to the Empty Chair”. It was some kind of representation for sitting across a seat speaking to Jesus. I LOVED THAT idea, and in fact I used it often. In a vehicle is where I get that opportunity again. A reminder of the fresh newly renewed adoration I had for God that I had back then. I believed then, at any given moment I didn’t ask God to ‘be with me’ that I would die or relapse. “..And to relapse was to die anyway, that is just how it was for us (me)” … Which brings me straight into my next MUST and DRIVE:

*** CRY like a baby:
YEP, drive and cry. Pullover if it’s real bad even. I will cry to any song that has touching words. The beat or tempo has no meaning to me (unless its crap).
I CRY uncontrollably each and every single time I get to drive a friends car. It’s almost pathetic.

“Christmas Shoes” seriously, don’t even try NOT to cry listening to that.
— “Livin On A Prayer” by Bon Jovi
(Original Version is nothing compared to live!)that’s another one of those ‘early sobriety songs’ for me.

TODAY, specifically THIS song HIT me in the HEART:

These are the words. No matter what “Genre” you care for, this song spoke to my core. The ‘humane being’ in me.
I don’t expect you to like it. agree with it…even listen to the words.
This was my moment today. In my experience, this was the uncontrollable cry for me today in particular.
(Here is the link to the words to read of the song.)

I can barely put into words what I felt inside today. About myself. About life. About people I knew. About humanity at it’s worst and it’s best. It. Just. Hit. Me. Hard. link to YouTube.
Close Your Eyes and Imagine Your Children.

I have never heard this before.
It’s an old one: According to my teen.
Take a listen here; or read the words.

THE LAST Song was: “People Like Us” by Kelly Clarkson I have never heard before. In the moment I needed an upbeat song! It fit the bill and I pretended to know the words as I sang….(listen or watch video below)
Instantly, I started thinking of my WordPress Family and friends. All of you! I don’t have time to list you all. Besides, you know who you all are. Not picking favs but a must mention Sista feels like an extended missing family member!

Driving lesson for today:
LISTEN, drive safe, pray, smile, laugh, have fun —
and SING REALLY LOUD when you drive!!!

What crazy stuff do you do while driving? Have you seen anyone like me drive near you? What is your first thought or reaction? Share your Comment below! We all love to hear them!

See ya’s later My Herd,
JayNine xox

NO Room for Judgement

This post was inspired by the reading of a post, from my surrounding neighbourhood parents website. This interesting post related to the subject of ‘Leash’ ‘Harness’ Use in parenting, on/for toddlers and such.

I was gifted two perfect children. Call them:
‘A’ or #1 –my First;
and ‘B’ or #2 –for my second.

‘A’ was the precious, soft, quiet, perfect, non-breastfed, independent, talker, slept through the night, 7pm-7am sleeper from the get go! ‘Picture-Perfect’. I soaked up the sun, being an “Independent Mother“…I rather enjoyed Motherhood in that laid back manner. *For clarification, I tend to not use the word ‘Single‘ Mom. Its sounds like an implication that I am alone, missing a letter, a number, I should be plurel-ized; or un-supported in some way but, I (am) was not! (I always utilized all resources and had the support of many organizations, programs, groups, and my HERO Mother). Back to topic.

I used to be (seriously)judgemental of those dressing their little ‘Angels’ in a ‘Dog Leash’ & I’d laugh, stare, wonder Why?!, & gawk, mimic, and grumble under my breath–THEN, I had MY SECOND Child! And boy was I in over my head! My tune changed, the day she took her first steps–I have MANY examples of my own experiences to explain why; let see if i can recall a few, because of my newly ‘inherited by child ADHD’, memory often fails me…hhhmmmm

Ohh yes, I am (was) the most organized person on the planet. I was a Home-Staging, organizer, cleaner, and Personal Assistant. In fact, I built and established my very own business, keeping track of the Homes and Lives of others…of which I can no longer do it to my standards for myself. Point: #2 took my world by storm. Female as #1 but, night compared to day. Flipped my world inside out, and backwards, I’m still collecting pieces of my scattered brain all over the globe! And a searching for a provider of more than two hands! (Currently ‘disabled’ and UN-able to work but, I’m a fighter its only temporary)

Did I use a ‘harness’ with #1 NO! Why? Because I didn’t have to. It wasn’t necessary. #1’s response was always, “ok Momma” (oh the tears are gathering as she’s a teen now;) Somehow with #2 I turned from Mary Poppins craft-a-holic, to exhausted-house-mother of the year, on speed– there’s just no keeping up to #2. At the speed of sound, and fast as the light, she’s out the front door, touring and exploring local train tracks after sneaking past a room of 3 people…ask me why I used a leash, “backpack” we called it as she got older. Trust me, oh you judging mothers of leash bearing children: we moms only do it because our job is to protect our children (and not lose them). I always said my ‘littlest hobo’ would be in the local news for baby found in diaper in snow; no not from neglect from her superior Hoodini magic disappearing acts. And now, now she’s learning to play hide-and-seek. (I hope I can keep m heart in my chest) Look if anything else worked time-out’s, reward rooms veal, bribery, or even a spankings, (roads are more dangerous than those); then I’d have stuck with what worked but nothing did. **In case you’re thinking of volunteering, I don’t give a damn if your the concrete mixture of She-Ra and Wonder Woman, you cannot keep up with #2! You best bring along your invisible forse feild then biatch cuz shes gonna run you blind! She’s 4 and doesn’t remember a thing about the leash no harm no foul no lost kids.It only bothers the ‘Judge-er’Speaking of which

20130605-155016.jpg <>
~~Altered Attic on Etsy~~

JUDGING (not constructive criticism):
I will tell you one VERY important thing I have learned throughout my 14 Years Personal Experiences in Parenting: I DO NOT Judge Other Mom’s! Most of the situations I have (admittedly) judged in others, in my past:
I have now had the ‘pleasure’ to RE-live, in my OWN experience… I cannot help but think it was a “lesson from the Universe” or ‘above’, or Karma; (what ever you want to call it). I recommend finding a safer approach.
I have ‘walked in many of the shoes’ I’ve (so harshly) judged…its a hard pill to swallow! Eating Your own Words, can not taste so good, as serving your own ‘Bad Opinion‘ out there–so be careful what you ‘dish out’, seriously.
(In case you still don’t get it)
Always, ‘Ye Who is Sinless, Shall Cast the First Stone” immediately comes to mind…


Thats not to say I am perfect or don’t judge but, the process is a rigorous honesty (within self). Now, when the judgemental thought arises, I have HARMLESS ‘tools’ to process the thoughts, then let them go..In a safe ways for judger and judgee. It took years of personal practice, all worth the clear conscious.

I am ‘normal’ and tested daily by my children too. I find my comfort in reading the posts of dear mommy bloggers here that dare to share with us the hardcore truths and raw realities of ALL parenting types, children, and days! I do not focus on one genre, they ALL help I have the back up factual experience with both; and with equal absolutely adoring the perfect shit out of the 2 of them. #2 was just missing her handbook ;) still awaiting its arrival–
good day and best of luck for the approaching summer!

20130605-154719.jpg <>
Find a TON of great comfort, fun, laughs, seriously, inspiration, and some activities for your busy one here. Go read some more exciting stories from new discovered: ‘Guide to Surviving Summer‘ by blogger best ‘the gratitudentist’. Or just share your stories of horror, truth, and empathy in the Reply section.

JayNine …xo

Dedicated Words of Wisdom


To all my Mommy Blogger friends here, my favorite reads, like ‘DonOfAllTrades‘ ‘TheDisSocialMom‘ ‘ihaveanopinionidliketoshare’ and beyond: you ALL KNOW whom you are…& if not, feel free to join us if you feel you qualify..!

I just wanted to say something sappy:

On a lonely sunny a little sad day for me; i thank you all for being here, sharing your stories, successes, for sharing in the insanity of my mind, for writing the words i cannot find, and for being thee real-est hon-est bunch of (crazy-ass) normal, down-2-earth bloggers around these parts…
for being here for me, and all your readers;
For just being

Cheers to the comfort an laughs you bring us here!

Jaynine xox

Don’t Let Comparison Steal Your Joy


As a newbie in blogging (with very little time to do so) I find myself spending more time reading, trying to keep up with trends, or attempting to compose the best readable worded blog out there–for popularity instead of the real reason I started blogging.

What’s the reason? To share my personal experiences and some opinions on them, in hopes that those shares will help Someone Else…that’s all I’ve ever wanted to do in my life. Help others. I do that but, have less and less time in real life and found an outlet here in blogging world.
My Solution: No Complaining or Comparing–Starting Monday, my solution is to go back to basics. First sharing whatever experience rings true to my mind on the days I blog: Monday, Tuesday, Thursdays, and the occasional; like today.

I hope the coming posts I hope you find something within them that bring you comfort, understanding, acceptance, or just plain entertainment.

I can only BE ME–and you can be whoever you want to here! Feel free to leave a Comment below or not too ;)

**This photo and post was inspired by another blogger that I felt I could relate to here: with a link to the photos PRINTABLE FREE copy for you & I to remember:
‘Don’t Let comparison steal your joy’
or mine, in blogging or anyth-ing!**
J9;) c u 2morrow ;)

Update: Girls FOUND SAFE …(2 of them)

Samantha Cowen & Josee Charbonneau have returned home safe.

Samantha Cowen & Josee Charbonneau have returned home safe.

It’s NOT all that are found but out of the 2 new missing, 2 have been found!

Samantha & Josee Have Been FOUND SAFE! –LINK Courtesy of the caledonenterprise.com/

Such a great email to wake up to! It’s bitter sweet however because it reminds us that we are still 2 out of 4 total missing teen girls in the last 5 months…brings deep sadness thinking of why can 2 return and not the others.

My prayers and hopes for A Seasonal Miracle however, have been restored. Please join me in hope, help, support, in love and search for the remaining missing:

Tweet Hashtag:  #findMilaJohnson for Mila Johnson of Brampton, Ontario, here in Canada. Missing Since:  AUG 3rd

Tweet Hashtag: #findMilaJohnson –LINK Courtesy of theStar.com/

and #MelosaCarrio #Orangeville #Ontario #missing since:  AUG 11th  Missing #Orangeville #MelosaCarrio Teen Girl –LINK Courtesy of Orangeville.com/

*Just a friendly reminder* I am NOT an officer, reporter, or anyone special in regards to writing these posts or in finding these girls. I am a single Mom with children and I put myself in the shoes of these hopeful parents and just trying to HELP in anyway I can; in Talking About #OurMissingYouth …ONLY because, if I were in their shoes, I’d hope the public would CONTINUOUSLY Tweet, Share, Hashtag, Post, Search, Look, Listen, Whatever; to assist!!!
Keep Tweeting People…Do NOT Give up. #findMilaJohnson

Feel Free to Leave a Comment below with a PRAYER words of HOPE, KINDNESS, or STRENGTH for the parents of these girls and I will insure its delivery to the parents, as we have met #findMilaJohnson in years past.

In Love and Strength, Many Thanks

Bramptons Missing Teen Mila Johnson

Bramptons Missing Teen Mila Johnson