Lessons while Driving

Each and every time, without fail, that I get the opportunity to drive any friends car, alone, without the children, on a nice day (or not); I cannot help but do a few of the following:

* HONK at cows!
A MUST!are you kidding me! They are the coolest creatures on earth and have a great life. Stand, sit, lye, eat, sleep, Repeat. If I believed in re-incarnation, I’d want to be a cow. (but, not one that would be harmed…) I’d have a bunch of fabulous buddies, hangin in the feilds, chewin complainin chatin, moooo’in; maxin and relaxin. Really! Feed me lots, and let me roam. Having already had, the opportunity to feel like a “milked” cow during breast feeding; I am not sure I’d mind that part very much either! Seriously, HONK AT A COW the next time you see a bunch on a country drive: WATCH their reaction! They really appreciate it!

** SING!
ooohh no, not just sing a tune here and there! I talking half way out the window like a dog on a hot day SING. Like in EVERY video of Mariah Carey type: hair stickin to my poppin lip gloss, beltin it out fearlessly–like I THINK I can actually sing. I cannot sing to save my own life but, I do it anyways!
What I enjoy most is the reactions I get from passerby folks or at the lights. Strangers starring. I just pretend I cannot see their faces. Holding a straight face is a difficult game. Some sing along, give a wave, look at me like I have 3 heads–doesnt change my tone. It is thee only place I know I wont see these people again.
TIP: Epecially fun when driving out of your own town.

*** PRAY:
Praying in a vehicle for me reminds me of when I first got ‘clean and sober’ 7+ years ago and ‘re-found God’ (whom had never left, another post..). There was once of these anonymous ‘poems’ or encouraging writings by someone just circulating around at the time with the suggestion: “..when in doubt, talk to the Empty Chair”. It was some kind of representation for sitting across a seat speaking to Jesus. I LOVED THAT idea, and in fact I used it often. In a vehicle is where I get that opportunity again. A reminder of the fresh newly renewed adoration I had for God that I had back then. I believed then, at any given moment I didn’t ask God to ‘be with me’ that I would die or relapse. “..And to relapse was to die anyway, that is just how it was for us (me)” … Which brings me straight into my next MUST and DRIVE:

*** CRY like a baby:
YEP, drive and cry. Pullover if it’s real bad even. I will cry to any song that has touching words. The beat or tempo has no meaning to me (unless its crap).
I CRY uncontrollably each and every single time I get to drive a friends car. It’s almost pathetic.

“Christmas Shoes” seriously, don’t even try NOT to cry listening to that.
— “Livin On A Prayer” by Bon Jovi
(Original Version is nothing compared to live!)that’s another one of those ‘early sobriety songs’ for me.

TODAY, specifically THIS song HIT me in the HEART:

These are the words. No matter what “Genre” you care for, this song spoke to my core. The ‘humane being’ in me.
I don’t expect you to like it. agree with it…even listen to the words.
This was my moment today. In my experience, this was the uncontrollable cry for me today in particular.
(Here is the link to the words to read of the song.)

I can barely put into words what I felt inside today. About myself. About life. About people I knew. About humanity at it’s worst and it’s best. It. Just. Hit. Me. Hard. link to YouTube.
Close Your Eyes and Imagine Your Children.

I have never heard this before.
It’s an old one: According to my teen.
Take a listen here; or read the words.

THE LAST Song was: “People Like Us” by Kelly Clarkson I have never heard before. In the moment I needed an upbeat song! It fit the bill and I pretended to know the words as I sang….(listen or watch video below)
Instantly, I started thinking of my WordPress Family and friends. All of you! I don’t have time to list you all. Besides, you know who you all are. Not picking favs but a must mention Sista feels like an extended missing family member!

Driving lesson for today:
LISTEN, drive safe, pray, smile, laugh, have fun —
and SING REALLY LOUD when you drive!!!

What crazy stuff do you do while driving? Have you seen anyone like me drive near you? What is your first thought or reaction? Share your Comment below! We all love to hear them!

See ya’s later My Herd,
JayNine xox

‘Boom’ with Me

LISTENor click Listen Live from homepage here

Well, since we all share about ourselves here as Mommy Blogers and become friends; I would like to invite you to come along with me on my monthly Road Trip today!

Let’s rock out, and take a trip down memory lane with ‘Boom‘! LISTEN NOW for special effects before reading..ready?!


Satisfaction, Rolling Stones
Flock of Seagulls – Duran Duran – DIAMONDS God I love that song – Tears For Fears – of course, some Floyd – “Hey kids,
ROCK ON’ Baby! LISTEN Loud!or download the APP!
Can you feel the vibes? ;)

Put yourself in the (empty) passengers seat of the new speedy‘Ford Focus’ (rental) while we fly through the rural quite roads of a handful of small towns, windows down, (a/c too expensive on gas) one arm sunburning its rest on the door ;) music blasting, off-tone singing screeching, perma-smile from the vibes of freedom–sharing in the same day-dream of driving off course away from home never to return. Like “Thelma and Louise”!!!


Can you feel the wind in your hair!?

CLICK THE LINK on your laptop, PC, android, iPhone, iPad:
LISTEN LIVE! with J9;)
NO, I am not a DJ or employeed by nor affiliated with “Boom 97.3fm” they are just my favorite ‘ME Time‘ theme music, making it time well spent! Check out the screenshot below:

Their DJ’s just have funny and unique sense of humours with punchy personalities and witty tongues–just like my blogger friends lol!

Hop-In! Hold On! and Smile! listening to bedt of 70’s 80’s 90’s Music and reflect with me on our childhood days; and not our children, for half hour!

Besides, I’d like to know if my American followers can receive this station on their PC or mobile devices, from here in Canada!?! Help me out ;)

Leave the ‘Listen Live’ link to your favorites, so I can joyride with you someday! OR Leave the link for their station home page anyway!


PS–If the LISTEN links don’t work try starting here, then to top right, click ‘Listen Live’

Take Me Back Tuesday!

PLEASE, “Take Me Back Tuesday”


Ohh how I long for the days of ‘Personalized Guitar Picks’

Along with re-decorating, re-arranging furniture, and re-de-cluttering consistently; Springtime around our home (on ‘ME Time’) is filled with the music of my youth.

I was born in…MID-late seventies, an era when music was music. It was not fully digitally created by a computer, it was designed to inspire the senses, create connections and communication, in an era that wasn’t ruined run by technology.

Source: etsy.com via Jeanine on Pinterest

A Tape Cassette Floor Light for the ambiance of the past today, a perfect find!

Although my blog is titled ‘j9sopinion’ I try to steer completely clear of firm standing ‘opinions’ probably, for fear of some form or another, of rejection, as I’m sure that’s what my elders would tell me! However, there’s just no hiding the truth about this fact: I do not enjoy much of the music ‘created‘ today. I much prefer a good ole slue of guitar solo’s, drum banging, smashing, acca-pella singing, songs of worship sure; even some good old head banging for all I care–point is, the ‘stuff’ they throw on the radio today doesn’t compare a penny to the classics of my past.


Hey Jude Framed Art Work, via Etsy

I say that all in the same breath, of enjoying ‘the Beatles‘ from my favorite Radio Station (<–click for a listen!) while it pumps out of my computer through their “on line player“(see why I stay away from opinions, always ends up with “foot-in-mouth-disease” ;0)

“Take Me Back Tuesday!” Back to the days flowers were touched, not touched up. Back to the irresponsibility and freedom of my youth. Back to the happiness of Happy Days and Yellow Submarine’s. Back to the Future.

Sing: “Here comes the Sun, and I say!”

If you’re looking for me I’ll be lying in a field somewhere, where I am late for nothing; gazing up at the clouds with my head laid back in the grass…Back with the grass that HAD pesticides on it, that I survived being Comfortably Numb in, for hours of relaxation. Days when you’d Stand By Me
(without a gun or a synthesizing digital program download…whatever that is)

Tune In, Turn it Up, and Take Yourself Back Today!
Forget for a moment…the troubles of today..and Let It Be

Source: etsy.com via Jeanine on Pinterest

    Strawberry Fields Forever Man,