Lighting Obsession Continues


If anyone follows my tumblr or google plus accounts, you’ll know i have quite an over active obsession with Light Fixtures!
Also, this years decor trends 2013/2014 include all kinds of geometric shapes within all spaces.

Just when i thought i had it under control, •Modern Furnitre Canada” has me hooked again…
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Modern Lighting Fixture
No strings attached no gimmicks– just a pay it forward thing from my friends!

Maybe re blog this and share your favorite product link from them in it!?
Or simply share here i you’re using any new shapes amongst your home decor?

Have a Blessed long weekend all,
JayNine xo

Gifts For You from: “Modern Furniture Canada”

I present to you a present, yes a gift.
I am a new blogger and not well known here on WordPress. I have an adoration for my daughters and an obsession for home decor and interior design.
I have been pinning, tweeting, and photo blogging on tumblr, for a long while now–just didn’t have the time for writing my own blog exactly. (See my story here</a>)
I have gotten to know a few professionals in the home decor industry a little better by simply sharing products from their businesses–NO this is NOT spam, NO this is NOT a ‘work at home‘ drinking coffee nonsense.
This is a sincere gift, a kind of Pay It Forward with one of my favorite modern furnishing companies: Modern Furniture Canada (on Pinterest)

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OH! YES, of course there’s a Clearance Section for ‘strict budgeted shoppers’ like me!
It’s a real deal!  Take a look around the different departments:
few odds and end tables/side tables lol,  
for the children’s playroom or some romantic lighting to set the mood, or modernize the home decor.

Any questions, I will forward them to the right customer service department.
 Email address is: 

Fine outdoor furniture, reasonably priced for this class of furnishings & 50%off Shipping, is yours now!

Fine outdoor furniture, reasonably priced for this class of furnishings & 50%off Shipping, is yours now!

When shopping for that new patio furniture, (photos below & on link) or a

*Please Note**I am NOT an employee nor affiliated with ‘Modern Furniture Canada’ in any way on line or otherwise. I am a simple stay at home single mom who’s been gifted a sweet gesture of kindness for my loyalty to their products and services.

updated modern comfy chair, came into stock and flew out the door--on back order now!

updated modern comfy chair, came into stock and flew out the door–on back order now!

I hope you take advantage of this limited time offer. If any further information is required, please message or comment.

long time customer favorite and mine!

long time customer favorite and mine!

floor standing light with unique shade

floor standing light with unique shade


Blessed and Happy Easter to all!

JayNine and Girlz xo

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