Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece | Last Post

Ok guys, here it is quickly: Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece was this weeks theme; with new theme to be announced tomorrow (Friday August 2nd). Of course, by the wonderfully inspiring Daily Post on WordPress.

My last post was a total photography fluke in landscape, and just happened to turn out postcard perfect!

A special thanks to all of the likes and follows I was surprised to receive by much more experienced bloggers, in our community. It was an unexpected and appreciated delight ;)
I have already learned much from their posts; even started a list of all to share with you, on this coming weeks weekly photo challenge post (as its theme is announced!)

Without further introduction:

This was the dawn of a new day (a story to follow for reading another day!) This is what the sky looks like from my parents backyard … Every single morning …Breathtaking

Thank you kindly for stopping by! I intend on posting another early morning late maaterpiece photo tomorrow.. Or 5 hours from now lol! ;)

Cheers! Sweet Sleeps for now,
JayNine xo

Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece | Announcement

Re-Blogged from the Daily Post site and their announcement of this weeks, “Weekly Photo Challenge: Theme” Masterpiece is the focus for your photos this week. Complete all your photo post expressing this weeks theme, prior to the following Friday.
Be sure to read the instructions through the link, provided by the Daily Post blog. I will also take a snippet and include it within this weeks next entry, on my blog. Search through category under Weekly Photo Challenge or Challenges, for my personal post entries.
Take a look around my photos in “PopAGraph” category as well.