Link Day Friday

Link Day Friday
welcomes the following links for the Following described needs:

Best network of blogger moms out there! Always useful links, tips, activities, advice and more from moms all mover the globe–whom homeschool. NO, I don’t personally homeschool. I utilize their links and posts for different activities. I gear the to my LO learning difficulties and preschool type play learning (if they’re not already about that)!

Another blogger mom, Jill or Jillian, found through the Hip HomeSchool Moms above and found…LETTERS: a focus on ‘a letter a week activities’. I also apply the same ‘geared to preschooler’ rule of mine, to any older age group activities. Example: nstead of using a bunch of questions or words; I will use one letter sound and 2 words that rhyme, for that one week.

*Image borrowed from and credit due to: Jillian at A Mom With A Lesson Plan*

READING: Be sure be sure to check out Jillian’s tab READING and all posts under the reading category! Please, especially the “10 Book Activities” to get you started on your own books, and visit the 5 Reading Pinterest boards!

The Carrots Are Orange mom blog, with many different learning acitivities. My favorite right now, which we are beginning to learn just this weekend and next week: Telling Time! Utilizing tools such as the book and concentric circle Marnie shares int the Telling Time Post. Subscribe to Marnie at the “Carrots Are Orange” (love the blog title) for updated posts, via email. Learn more about her montessori teaching and activities on her website.

The last link that I have not much time to describe, you MUST check it out, sign up, create account, free, and start exploring the book writing and sharing on. Right now, I don’t remember who’s website I found this one from but, it’s ideal for all types of reader levels! HERE are the results for a search I did, entitled ‘PRESCHOOL

…from what I got at first glance and understanding from my iphone running out the door in rain for children LOL…It’s an opporuntity for readers to create their own stories, share them on line through social media, and the website. My idea was that I would sit and explore with LO, and see if we could read the stories created by the folks we follow for preschoolers!?

Hope some thing here inspires you this weekend. These are just some of the few of favorites I have in my collection; of which I will share more with you as time permits.

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Happy Weekend

Weekend of Words

photo from Friday’s dressing ourself lesson: whatever’s clean in the drawers is wearable to school–that includes pajamas.

Words of Wisdom from My Faith:

“pring-kles” – the spot on your ankles that get sock imprints.

“a-tching” – mom, the baby alligator!
she’s a-tching!
(toy egg)

“clintch” — a four year old word for a new ‘clutch’ purse to use for dress up

*note: there are two uses for the word: “sprinkles”
1- no mom, the sprinkles go on the Outside of my foot
–that would be the sparkles on the outer side of her slippers folks (to remember which is rite foot)
2- ‘at tonites party, will dere be sprinkles’?
–it’s long weekend for fireworks Hun, of course there will be ‘sparklers’ just for you ;)

“kipples” – ‘mom! dere’s no more kipples’!

“aww-lips” olives n kipples, her favorite snack

AN ADDITION to this post updated MAY 25th 2013:

–“SPRITE” definition: “something that us bright Mom!” like come on i should’ve known that one really lol!

BIKE request noted: “mom i want a bike. i mean a REAAALL BIKE mom!” (Like a bike just isnt a real ‘enuff’) “what do you know bout dat mom?” My thought was this: ‘I know you aren’t getting one bcuz of listening issues for the last 3 months’. What do you know about that LO?” (jokingly, in my head)…
Yes, I understand there are new studies that say ‘bribery is not effective parenting’ and to an extent I understand that. However, I also was raised: ‘no rewards for bad behaviour’ period! So she’s not getting one until September to ride for two months.

blankie: ok, blankie has been around for four years they’ve been inseparable for two years (since LO got 2nd degree burns on her hand, grabbed hair straightener). other day blankie was stuck under LO’s chair, as I watched her tug, pull, yank, try, try, pulling harder, struggling now frustrated LO says: “BLANKIE! What are you doing?! You are supposed to be wit me all da time!!!

Now that you’ve been schul’d on My Faith’s translations, have an amazing long weekend!

Please leave below your children’s translations below in the Comment section! LOL!

JayNine xox

Wordless Weekend Letters

This was supposed to be posted on the weekend… if you don’t call me late–don’t call me LOL…(whatever, that just sounded good)! since having LO, we’re all late for everything unfortunately!

Our weekends are full of childrens activities, outdoor fun, and quality family time. I chose this time to set the phone and computers aside; to give the girls my undivided attention.

Bought these wooden alphabet pieces from the dollarstore, the elmers colored glue; the gems and stuff were in the craft bin.

These photos and photo effects were done by me–using my favorite, you guessed it: ‘My PopAGraph‘ iPhone App from iTunes. FREE but pay for the added ‘tools’ and ‘effects’ ‘frames’ and ‘borders’–get the whole package for maximum use!



the flowers on my walk


Outdoor rainy day with imagination pretend play with LO: ‘milking our cows’ feeding the chickens, and ‘tending to the sheep!’


The ‘during’ photos from a “Face Painting Artist–she was incredibly talented, from a weekend family gathering.


Crafts and little items used for family craft time:



Whatever your day was like today: be grateful, because we are blessed to have Just Today…

JayNine xox