On Line Memory Keepers

If you follow me on Instagram (see our latest in Life on Instagram in right side bar there–>) you will discover a few really cool different iTunes photo editing Apps, that I just adore!

While on Instagram, I tend to use their regular choices filters, to brighten, blur, or lighten a focal point within an image as a corrective measure lol. You’ll notice I favor one in particular that I am slightly obsessed with, iTunes My PopAGraph App.  Read more about PopAGraph here…

Like I have said before: 

an image taken, is more than just a ‘photo’. It contains the ultimate visual expression closest to tangible form of our very own personal experience; and pieces of our memories…” 

The editing tools on PopAGraph allows us to re-create the memory, even a little further. The main idea being to have the focal point of any image ‘pop’ or ‘stand-out’ above the rest of its surroundings. For fun examples, look through my blog in the PopAGraph Category, or search #popagraph on Instagram. Colour’s come to life, vibrance is at your fingertips; its like emotions are Popping off the page with feeling! 

(OH YEAH, **this post has been updated as it was to be shared prior to my Hospital stay last Wednesday…these are some photo examples of what we share on ‘insta‘ –which would have also covered last weeks Weekly Photo Challenge: “One Shot, Two Ways”)

blue dots landscape

blue dots –landscape view of LO’s crafts aug2013

As a mother of two, I am so over trying to find the space to keep loads, piles, and endless years of paper memories from my children’s youth –Phew! 

InsteadI followed the footsteps of another (blogger mom, nope cant remember where from either lol) and started utilizing the digital on-line storage capabilities sites like Instagram have to freely offer! Now, I take photographs of the bests of the childrens/teens crafts or paperworks, add a description, a unique date in a hashtag form; and upload the lot there. Using the applications like Photo Journals. Best part is each image is dated, signed, sealed, away, and organized another AHHHHH… Phew

blue dots, portrait

blue dots, portrait view of LOs craft from aug2013

This way its keeping track for me and LO the different levels of her development, achievements, and growth. What’s better than also being able to present that growth to your child as they get older!? Especially with my LO as she struggles with Developmental Delays. The photo journal entries are simply incredible memory holders for us all! 

Instagram holds all of our images on their storage too, which saves us on computer storage space. Leave the images within your iPhone Photo Stream (where they are stored under “Instagram”) with the immediate availability to *print at your fingertips! Instead of the Mess!:D 

NOTE:  For *Print immediately options see your printers instructions. See they are  e-print or air print compatible.*

The other sites available for photo journals like this are flickr (which we dont use) and tumblr. You can create free accounts, store photos, dated and descriptive. Flickr even includes the type of camera some images were taken with.


That’s it for now. WE have been recovering as a family from a series of unfortunate events–literally, not the movie title although at times I feel as though life itself was trying to rid me of the experience LOL! We’ve been from a flood, to mould exposure, lived in a trailer and Grandmas, and icing on the cake, renovated apartment without a floor; after just being released from hospital with a bout of (viral) Meningitis for me! 

Despite the trials and hardships, I have learned more as a person in the last month than I hav ever learned in life. About Life itself. We are all happy, all in one piece, and feel as though we’ve just got another new apartment ;D …

There is always a silver lining or a good side. What’s yours? Has your summer somehow worked out to be a non-vacation work-through type as well? Did it start out bad and reveal some good? What’s your blue spot on your shiny summer? What shined through most for you?!

JayNine xo


Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece | Postcard Photo

Today, I am mixing my Wordless Weekend, with the (hosted by) Daily Post’s
Weekly Photo Challenge: (theme) “Masterpiece” this week.
This is my first photo post, using the suggested tag of: post a day, as per the Daily Post photo challenge guidelines. I will re-post their guidelines snippet in my next entry. It provides readers with an overview of (specifically) the photo challenge details; to entice your interest in getting involved! If you haven’t already heard of this photo challenge, Subscribe here to receive notifications and their inspirational ideas.

These types of post a day challenges, are clearly a win-win opportunity:

To you the writer it offers you a simple activity to increases the chances of your blog being noticed. The fact that these are ‘daily’ challenges, they keep you more connected within your already created WordPress community. A few more benefits for you and your readers: It’s a great chance to extend your reader audience, gifting you with an entire new set of blogs to read; which also benefits you both! We all get to enjoy the fruit of our labor, together! Post On!


**The photo above is the first ‘masterpiece’ post of mine. I snapped this quick shot, no preview, no focus! Just enough time to pull-over and clicked. No photo effects or special effects like usual. I took only one of this specific view. Normally, I have a chance to take multiple shots and chose the best looking. This is not the case. I just love the way it looks through my iPhone. Today, this one shot postcard looking photo, is my masterpiece! enjoy!

Have any of you decided to take part in any of the Daily Post Challenges?

For future inspiration on your photos, take a look through past Weekly Photo Challenge categories. Suggest your own. Or, just click on some links from other blog entries, in the Comments below their articles! Check the Craft of Photography blog entries, full of helpful tips, hints, and photo taking advice
Jay9;) xo

(Late) Weekly Photo Challenge: “Fresh”

My Late for the Weekly Photo Challenge: “Fresh” was last Friday’s theme, post ( of which I did not make the deadline for). However late I am, I still wanted to share with you all the Weekly Photo Challenge photo’s I captured or found.

water filled wild mushroom cap in backyard

this was in amungst the wild mushrooms that grow in so many various shapes and sizes in our backyard. of course this means “fresh” to me because, right after fresh rain fall.

another mushroom….

"fresh" 'Wrinkles'

another completely different shaped wild mushroom found in our back yard, right after a fresh rain fall. his style named: ‘Wrinkles’ it was the first thing I thought of on site.

I spent much time editing some of them and believe they’re a worthy share: (Click here for this weeks theme!)

"fresh" orange sneak a peek flower

an orange flower sneaking a peek through the fence from our neighbours. welcome anytime. “fresh” flowers (obviously lol)

Here are the instructions/rules from the Daily Post blog’s original invite:

New to The Daily Post? Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, you’re invited to get involved in our Weekly Photo Challenge to help you meet your blogging goals and give you another way to take part in Post a Day / Post a Week. Everyone is welcome to participate, even if your blog isn’t about photography.

Here’s how it works:
Each week, we’ll provide a theme for creative inspiration. You take photographs based on your interpretation of the theme, and post them on your blog (a new post!) anytime before the following Friday when the next photo theme will be announced. (..oppsie, that’s me)

2. To make it easy for others to check out your photos, title your blog post “Weekly Photo Challenge: (insert theme of the week)” and be sure to use the “postaday″ tag.

3. Subscribe to The Daily Post so that you don’t miss out on weekly challenge announcements. Sign up via the email subscription link in the sidebar or RSS.

"fresh" flowers

a photo i have shared before indeed, yet still “fresh” flowers to me!

You must forgive my lateness, I am still following the rules, lol. Next week I will be on time.

"fresh" berries

“fresh” berries we pick from our very own backyard. just a couple days ago. photo editor used: “PopAGraph” it is in my category list now, please search!


fresh berries second view

another view of the same berries, different PopAGraph iTunes Photo App effects used. J9;)

From now on, I will be posting a photo whenever I can that will count towards that weeks theme, prior to the following Friday. On my usual Link Day Friday posts, I will share the Daily Posts link, re-blog or announce (in someway), the next weeks Weekly Photo Challenge: Theme they provide.

"fresh" sunflower lady

“fresh” sunflower lady: Looks as if shes got her right leaf on cheek, playing shy…

“WHAT, This ole thang?! ;)” I can just hear the sweet sunflower speak! —–
Before I played around some more with her images. I love the antique look of the next photo effect!

lady sunflower

Lady Sunflower, over expressing her age in vintage evening wear ;)

Be sure to follow or at least check out the Daily Post! The readers and writers there are talented, offering various challenges for bloggers to remain active, and have fun doing so. An inspirational way to play and publish your inner creativity. Get those juices flowing!

stunning fresh flowers

on the photo you can actually see the BEE at WORK! getting upset with me, he kicked me in the head on his way to another flower

The theme for this Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece. There is plenty to be excited about once you read the intro . It’s full of tips and helpful hints for your blog to be recognized.

black and white flowers

black and white flowers: i always use a mix between My PopAGraph itunes photo app and/or Instagrams regular effects for my images! Thanks for taking a look around my Blog xo

In my reading of the writing challenge shared on the Daily Post, I stumbled across a talented writer you should visit. Over from a freshly pressed blog TheEmpathyQueen I was comforted by our commonalities, which are sometimes difficult to source in my physical world! Thanks for putting yourself out there in your writing challenge posts! ;)

I look forward to the Challenges you might decide to embark on. Let us know in the Comments below, if you are already taken any, courtesy of the Daily Post or any other blog you’re following! Not taking any?! Try A Post A Day or Here are some fantastic ones from WordPress.

JayNine xo

The rest of these photos are real life non fairy tale photos that also represent the Weekly Photo Challenge theme from last week entitled:


feel free to read the descriptions for a chuckle or two

fresh snow

fresh snow fallen. cannot tell me you didnt think i wouldnt post a fresh snow one just because its Summer!? it’s real life fresh fallen snow from March 2013 Winter

fresh coffee

fresh coffee–obviously the same way LO likes to drink it: FRESH
or is that STOLEN ???

fresh coffee–obviously the same way LO likes to drink it: FRESH
or is that STOLEN ???

fresh at work

FRESH at work, mr Kick me in the Head, as he flew away off the fresh flowers …

FRESH at work, mr Kick me in the Head, as he flew away off the

 fresh flowers … 

playing with photos of fresh flowers

playing with photo effects of fresh flowers on popagraph check them out on instagram, including our instagram life at the side bar menu to follow ;)

playing with photo effects of fresh flowers on popagraph check them out on instagram, including our instagram life at the side bar menu to follow ;)


FRESH LAUNDRY no need to explain

FRESH LAUNDRY version of me

FRESH LAUNDRY version of me …..NOT ….. happy weekend!!

I have run out of time this will have to be my Link Day Friday post as well as Weekly Photo Challenge. All links included for your perusal! And PopAGraph can be researched there or on Instagram tags:  #popagraph