Your WordPress Family Award

Time for a simple fresh “WordPress Award”. A blogger buddy of mine here on WordPress, has appointed me as a receiver of this little award, with big meaning. “The WordPress Family Award” A badge, photo, title, position, I have been gifted; and honorably accept, to forward and ‘appoint-nominate’ you!

Introduce you the Creator and the award nominator: “Praying For One Day” is a blog by (About) Shaun who posts about his daily struggles with his normal life, followed around by his 2nd shadow, chronic pain. STILL, he’s a very present Father of 4 beautifully different children. Shaun offers us a glimpse into his world, his space, sense of humor, candor, trials, tribulations, lessons and successes. I find his posts, witty, interesting, some down right funny, heart-felt, purely honest; and definitely inspirational and encouraging. We each comment words of support, on each others posts and even when we’re not, I know he’s there.


The essence of the WordPress Family Award, is just that:
I know I can count on Shaun, and the people, behind the blogs I am about to list, as I can count on like my own family. I can even count on (and appreciate) some folks here, than some of my ‘real’ family members. WordPress, it’s bloggers, my follows, followers; and even the random comment-er have and can, lift my spirits, encourage me to go forward, inspire me to create, to understand, encourage me, teach me; to laugh, alot, to shift my (messed up contorted and twisted) perception, lighten my heart, my load; and help me continue to fight through the toughest of times (and circumstances)!

Go Ahead! It’s simple!
Here’s What To Do.

1. Display the Award logo on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. Nominate 10 others you see as
having an impact on your wordpress experience and family.
4. Let your 10 Family members know you have awarded them.
5. That is it. Just please pick 10 people that have taken
you as a friend, and spread the love.

Drum roll please * * * MY “WordPress Family Award” Members Are: (in random order)

1. ‘Fascinations of a Vanilla Housewife’ strength, support, honesty, and a sister in the
Orange Rhino Challenge

2. Mrs. Sandra, at ‘The Adored Home’ inspirational in decor, diy-er; an incredibly wonderful mother! The blogger to nominate me for my very first award!

3. ‘the DisSocial Mom’ if we knew each other in real life, she’d be my BFF!

4. ‘Mummy Flying Solo’ the very first find of a ‘single’ mother blog here on WordPress! Supportive, encouraging, and very understanding, bright blogger.

5. ‘IHaveAnOpinionIdLikeToShare’ a candid look into the truths that some are afraid to share (some seem straight from my brain!) No One can hit the nail on the head, on the most serious and difficult to say words, on any topic; and with more skillfully, funny, honest, precise, expressions. I long to write as clearly as this woman does!

6. ‘The Adventures of Miss Fanny P’ talented writer, mommy, supportive, honest; also a part of the
Orange Rhino Challenge

7. SistaSertraline of ‘Phoenix Flights’ because, she knows who she is. Plus, shes a talented writer and a real person.

8. ‘Cranky Caregiver’ because,EVERYONE needs a ‘Granny’ in life!
I love this one!

9. ‘White Lady in the Hood’ well, you can just imagine the humor from this child-expert, blogger, inspirational laughter; just from the title of her blog lmao

10. ‘Normal is the New Boring’ Fantastic Mommy with a preemie, their trials, successes, and honest shares about their experiences in life now.

Through the communications I have had with the people behind these blogs, I feel I have created a family here. A support system that can be relied on! I have experiences on many other blogs, blog hosts, social media places, (click here to find me, literally everywhere) but, the audience quality here is just different. I get a sense of belonging, fitting in, acceptance, empathy, understanding, and family here. If I had the perfect family out here, it would include each and ever one of you, above. You all have a special place in my thoughts and heart.

And, just another mention to the wonderful ‘random (supportive) commenters’ : I haven’t experienced on the net responses quite like yours. Supportive, honest, genuine, and helpful. Above all else, a ‘one of a kind’ people. I am extremely grateful, consider your thoughts, and think of you, often. Kudos to you (un-link-able) here! Many Thanks.

In closing, I can only hope to inspire you all as incredibly much as you have me.
Love you Long time!

JayNine xo
Pssst…This was such an amazing idea Shaun! Thank You! Remember to follow his adventures while “Looking for Reasoning To A Complicated World”

Info and Updates

Every blogger around this time of Summer and ‘relaxation’ (for some lol!), are finding the time for blogging slim to none. This is an update of our Orange Rhino Challenge, providing links for parent support, social media outlets, and other Mommy bloggers from around the web taking the challenge.

For those of you that don’t know, I have accepted the Orange Rhino Challenge; to better my parenting without ‘yelling & screaming’ for 365 days. I am at DAY 2 (again), on my 3rd attempt! We’re still ‘under construction’.


The results? INSTANT turn around! Remember, its a process of breaking ties of my past, and past parenting. Its not that simple. Its a part of me, a part of my ‘make up’ that needs demolition and the Orange Rhino is truly just scratching the surface. Sadly, this past weekend, I turned to an instant 10 steps back…Blame the weather, my patience, not keeping in touch, too many doctors appointments–it doesn’t matter.
I am admittedly back at DAY 2, and I will not give up on myself, because it is a goal for my children (and self).

The Reevaluation? My going about this. I have chose to turn it down a notch, to a 30 DAY challenge, to start. The obvious long term goal, is to collect 12 months 365 days, and to have the challenge last forever. period. Personally, these types of large change, work better in smaller increments (which is allowed through taking the challenge guidelines/rules;)!

For Me, my successes have been well achieved through applying my tools, the following way:
* ‘One Day at a Time’ *
* One hour at a time *
* ‘One situation at a Time’ *
Breaking the days down, as each separate situation as it
rears its ugly head, is much easier a pill to swallow

I have learned so much so far, about myself, my parenting, and about my wonderful children.

I ‘HATE’ Humidity:
I don’t ‘hate’ anything, anyone, nor do we even use the word! The humidity is the contributing factor! It adversely affects the children and I. We do not work well, under these temperatures! Enjoy your A/C parents because we do not have that luxury, yet lol! Changes our mood, my patience, and all of our physical comforts. YUK!
* I am reminded of this lesson through the heat: I must stay focused on being a better parent, no matter what the weather (that’s silly and embarrassing to hear aloud!), or circumstance, right? This is not something I didn’t know but, I (obviously) needed the reminder. Everyone is uncomfortable with this heat. I must remember, to ‘be in thought of the others’ as well. Another skill I work on daily, regardless of challenges.

Children crave Discipline:
And, so do I! We all know this. We all have read article that prove, dealing with any child’s ‘mis-behaviour’ or difficult behaviours, can easily be curved with well disciplined parenting. This, for me is a struggle right now. I have a hard time in a challenging moment, to deliver the correct, age, and learning ability, consequences, for these unwanted behaviours.

Mainly, this comes from having a 4 year old with developmental learning disabilities (still undiagnosed as to what specifically), leaving me in a place of questioning my consequences constantly. So, I Read, read more, search for more information, on line, books, and I await the proper resources! My daughter just had her first diagnosis Assessment–only to see if she qualifies for assistance provided by our region’s government. This will then provide her and I with: funding, occupational therapist for her at daycare/school, a resource therapist POR MOI; and a slue of other services, to better lead LOs development correctly.
I am ecstatic about this news from professionals! FINALLY! Everyone had said to me, ‘it’s normal‘ ‘she’ll grow out of it‘ . As her only parent & mother, I have always known, something just wasn’t quite right.

For now, my consequence deliveries (sometimes just my parenting in general) are hit and miss. Sometimes I laugh at myself wondering what I was thinking! Which brings me to the BEST PART OF PARENTING:

An old friend used to advise me on the hard days, “Look at a situation like you’re watching it through the TV…’Friends’ or ‘Rosanne’… from the couch. See a sit-com! It will help you relax, let go, and maybe even laugh! Not allow you to take your life so seriously” I admit, after never giving this idea a fair shot: IT WORKS! In most situations, I have chosen to laugh as of late! Even just smile when it hurts, resisting the temptation to yell. Results? I found the immediate results of pretending I was ok and this was somehow ‘funny’–almost instantly lightens my heart.

With my own personal anxiety difficulties, I find my heart feels heavy, burdened some moments, almost sad at times; before, during and after encountering ‘challenging’ parenting situations. The Sit-Com Idea is becoming a well-used one! The look on my youngsters face seems to shift from anger, to confusion, her eyes looking back at mine, (I am ALWAYS at eye level when interacting), and her ears almost perk up like a puppy to listen to the words I have to say…and, we’re smiling again.

The Orange Rhino Challenge has changed my parenting styles forever.
It has touched my life, heart, and the same of my children

Please, share all of your own tips, advice, experience, inspiration, ideas, and parenting skills, here.
Please, go visit and encourage the other “WordPress Family” members, as embark on the same journey. I know they’ll appreciate it. (lists below:)
We all LOVE that you all are keeping us accountable and inspired to continue, on our personal journeys.

MORE links of some other new Challenge Accepting Moms, I found from the web:
— the ‘Family Organic‘ pop over to encourage the 5 days fresh challenge accepter
on Blogger!
‘Table of Seven’ a WP Blog I just found here
— ‘Forgetful Momma‘ (sounds just like me already) on Blogger, I believe
— ‘Becoming Boston on Blogger however, I cannot
find a post date

WordPress Families taking the challenge are:
Fascinations of a Vanilla Housewifethe (amazing 21 days free)
— (fun) Adventures of Miss Fanny P
‘Empowering Lives 4 Him’ invites us to join her, WordPress!
**feel free to leave your blog link below in comments for support. I will add it to this post.**

JayNine xo
PS–Read the post before this one for photos from our last weeks, without blogging!

A NOTE:to those ‘taking the challenge’.
*Remember* utilize the resources the site provides. Use the support of Orange Rhino’s Facebook Page or ‘Support Group‘! An inspiring place to remind us DON’T QUIT we have much support. I found the challenge creators Tube Channel! We all have to ‘Subscribe‘ IDEA: we should all perform Guest Videos right?

Of Awards and Spectacular Days

Award time again!
This time I have to thank my Nominator friend over at ‘The Dissocial Mom’–who’s a real, refreshing, inspiration to myself as an independent parent. This is the second award nomination I have received and Im grateful! but, I’m responding by acknowledging the other nominees rather than myself (and my own). I have decided to re-blog this post for all of my followers to see; so they can in turn find more Mom Bloggers for them to relate to.

All you have to do is follow back to the original post reblogged here, from Dissocial Mom’s Blog, titled ‘Of Awards and Spectacular Days’ take a look, click around on some links, and VOILÁ! A brand new list of deserving, inspirational, parenting blog writer Mom’s (& beyond) for you to follow (without the research ;)
These ladies spend their time sharing with us, their treasured experiences of wine, better days, children, husbands, trials, successes, and roses ;) for us to take comfort in.

Now, GO! Join in giving them a round of applause and have a round (of following) on me!

Stick around for some deeper posts to come from me, here at j9sopinion

Thanks Again for nomination! ENJOY–
JayNine xox




The Dissocial Mom

Boyohboyohboyohboy! More nominations! How exciting! Now normally I do response posts separate from my Saturday posts, but in the spirit of shaking things up I decided to make today’s post and my response post one in the same. I am just a crazy free spirit like that. Also just to be clear it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I couldn’t otherwise think of anything to write about today, that is purely coincidence.

From the lovely mama over at An exhausted mom’s journey to publication I have been nominated for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award! If you have yet to go over and have a visit at her blog, get your butt over there and have a peek!inspiringbloggeraward1

The second nomination comes from Kristy over at the very interesting-to-read blog Family, Friends and Everything in Between for the Bouquet of Three Award(s)! The Best Moment Award, The…

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Reformed Goddess

I tried to write a clever explanation
as to why the ‘Reformed’ part of this photo post means so incredibly much to me. Lately however, I have had much difficulty in writing with the ability to stay focused on the task at hand; it is something new for me.
It’s a Process… Good practice is to continue composing my little shares here on WordPress regardless.

I am a Reformed Domestic Goddess.
Based on much experience in childhood with a ridiculous perfectionist parent; and running into the other side of the world that lets say aren’t perfectionist–I have had my fair share of personal experience with both worlds:
I have had my own Cleaning Business for 7+ years (not accepting clients currently) with home cleaning, organizing, re-organizing, simple home-staging, plus extra errand and personal assistant jobs included. To the other end of the spectrum, in choosing to clean up the never-ending, ‘driving-me-crazy’ messes of others that I allowed to contribute to parts of my bad health–Unnecessarily I can see NOW! (Hind-sight IS 20/20)!

I judged and judged and cleaned and cleaned til I lost respect for those friends, family, and started to not stand myself for the messes I was leaving behind in my own house…It got really bad. I still have ‘bad days’.
But, MY TRUTH HAS changed.
It HAD to.
I had a second child whom is nothing like my first.
It was literally killing me to keep up.
I learned:
–If it’s never all done, then you’ll never catch up:
Not worth losing myself trying.
Leave it alone today, if it can be done tomorrow.

    Dirty dishes

CAN be done in the morning!
I can sleep through the night knowing the dishes will stillll being waiting to be done in the morning. Goes for any other part of the day or apply to any other chore.

    Baseboard Check

: my personal fav! When I’d train in my business I’d say: “You’re only as clean as your baseboards! So be sure your baseboards are clean”

    *New Solution:

Wall to wall home furnishings!
i.e. child toys, floor nooks, toy bins, toy shelves, toy kitchens, plastic dresser drawers, craft displays, line with books, add large comfy pillows for places to sit,
snuggle & read with the children….the ‘things’ that matter more.
Under the couch is not a daily priority.
When the 4 year old says, “whats wrong with the bathtub?” it’s time to clean the tub.
Dust-Bunnies DO Exist! … and they’re not as dangerous as presumed.
Grandma cleans houses
other than her own!
Letting dishes be washed by children in cool water, doesn’t get everyone sick!
If you don’t live here, Your opinion doesn’t matter.
If you live here and don’t like it, You can clean it! We are all Blessed with 2 arms 2 legs & more;)
I learned that the entire well-being of my entire family, people that visit (& know I was a spotless housekeeper), the entire rest of the world was NOT in FACT going to fall apart due to my home being:
I had to FIRE “Super-Mom”–she was completely useless to her children.
I FIRED the spotless house cleaner.
I FIRED the Domestic Goddess…
….All that remains from her are the pair of


gloves…And THIS Momma: loves her perfectly imperfect home and everyone in it, just the way they are. I LOVE listening and watching my children grow. I love SITTING–a concept I had not heard of until almost too late. I love my family. We are so Blessed to have each other and this TIME together is irreplaceable.Most Importantly, I cannot get back once gone, is the time spent with my children.I decided from experience and learning from watching others (a very special family member) that the most important, is time.
(My Lesson was: Cleaning is never done, so stop killing yourself trying.)
Has your opinion on cleaning house shifted by a cranky colic cuddler, or a cranky tempering toddler?

JayNine xo
*…I guess this post is kind of a thank you dedication to my cousin, you know whom you are, for constantly teaching me (& loving me) an immense amount of information regarding being a parent, children, and life itself; and for continuing to!
*Thank You. I Love You Cousin*
You “Reformed Domestic Goddess”You! LMAO!