Spring Friendship Garden

To stick with my new commitment of Blogging 365 I posted about yesterday, these are just a few simple photos of one of our latest crafts.

Every Seasonal shift, we create from a large paper roll, a poster welcoming the new seasons arrival. Each of us adds photos, leaves, ribbons and any of our individual reminders of the celebrated season, to be placed on the poster.
This is our Spring’s welcome but a little different this time because we are early!
After Valentines Day the decor and crafting gap seems wide until Easter comes. I get antsy without chgot the idea of our very first “Friendship Garden”. Starting with one central idea, we expand around with scrap papers, glitter glues, and begin the reuse of empties from around the recycle bin items. We’ve used here, empty toilet paper rolls for a 3D effect, thicker paper flowers from old school folders, and foam sheets, for durability with toddler fingers.

The inspiration for this craft came from an old Easter Church Hymn I sang as a child: “Friends are Like Flowers”. I love to use family and friend photos in our crafts so I joined Hymn and photo use together, to create this simple fun (photos are still to be placed on the flowers)
This poster is enjoyed by children because of its lasting ability. They can paint, color, glitter, cut and paste, a little each day when inspired. Best part for them is, its on the wall at eye level especially for painting!

Our “Friendship Garden” is our way of having the friends and family we care for over for company, and showing them how much they are appreciated, by their photos being placed in such lovely display in our home.

If there is a unique craft idea you’d like to suggest for us to try, leave it in the comments below. If you have one of your own you’d like us to see, leave the link in comments!

See you Tomorrow,
Jeanine ;)






365 Blogging

I heard a saying the other day “Blogging 365”, sounded to me like its the decision to blog every single day without fail…
So here goes, I paid for this spot, im giving it a shot.
Cannot tell you precisely what the themes or topics will be, or even what this blog will be about. What I do have, is an opinion; and along with that some personal experiences. I believe that sharing my personal experience on any topic is more valuable than just another opinion. At the time I created the name of this blogspot, it was over 2 years ago and was too late to change.

The difference between an ‘Opinion’ and ‘Personal Experience’ is this:
Everyone has an opinion an idea, a thought; a certain belief.
Personal Experience is my own experience. Meaning I have been in a similar situation, event– experience in, with whichever topic, product, institution, or person; is being discussed.
Besides understanding the photo of display shelf is a tangible expression of self description:
Read my Bio/Introduction! It would be a start for you to decide if you’d be interested in reading the posts I will be sharing. It will give you a brief idea of my interests and personality. However, my main interests are my children first, my community, advocate for different causes without voices, crafts, DIYs, background in Interior Design, presently home full time; 8 year old own business of home cleaning, organizing, and “greening”(helping others go green in home). Newly obsessed with Architecture, home decor with the focus on Shipping Container Homes and Barn Conversions. Links to my further sites are listed at the bottom of this post to peruse (until I figure out how to place them in the right spots lol).

Opinion: the best part of life, is that it is a process.

There’s so much to learn and Experience! Just like this new “365 Blogging” is for me! Stick around for the ride! It’s bound to get interesting. If you have any suggestions or strong Opinions you’d like to discuss with me, Contact Me and we will have an Experience together!

aka – Jeanine
(but you will never see me
sign that again)

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