Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece | “Last Minute Lucy”

We all know, an image taken, is more than just a “photo”. It contains the ultimate expression of an energy filled with our own personal experiences.

Its not 430am as promised, in yesterdays post lol. I was awake since 3:52AM and took this shortly there after. These are still my “masterpiece” photos dually tied into our more recent set of circumstances. (that explanations in a whole other post to come…)
To my often readers,
we have undergone some unforeseen serious circumstances, that have prevented me time for typing and updated shares. For now, these for you all to enjoy.
Sorry for large sized photos as well, no time for editing or resizing today! I hope I am gifted the time to upload further fun photos over this coming weekend!


They were taken yesterday and this morning, during one of our many adventures with LO and our little family, I just adore.

New readers, thank you all for stopping by and, I will catch up with you all shortly! For now, take a look around our other photos here ;) for a smile.

I look forward to updating soon as possible.
Thank you again,
JayNine xo

Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece | Announcement

Re-Blogged from the Daily Post site and their announcement of this weeks, “Weekly Photo Challenge: Theme” Masterpiece is the focus for your photos this week. Complete all your photo post expressing this weeks theme, prior to the following Friday.
Be sure to read the instructions through the link, provided by the Daily Post blog. I will also take a snippet and include it within this weeks next entry, on my blog. Search through category under Weekly Photo Challenge or Challenges, for my personal post entries.
Take a look around my photos in “PopAGraph” category as well.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

Here’s a ‘fresh’ challenge for us all here on WordPress!

I have been looking for new challenges and ways to be more active in our wordpress communities. I need simple , more show, less writing ones for now–THIS! IS perfect for me:)

Stay tuned to see my photos updated.

Take a look at designated post and photo tags, for a look at photos from other bloggers too. Like a few. Search the unique. So many inspirations from this one challenge!

To take part, follow the re-blog for the original link and see challenge instructions.

However, I will reshare them on my next, first “Weekly Photo Challenge” post.

Look forward to seeing your photos soon,