Kids Free Printable {re-blog}

Follow through this re-blog to the link for Lille Huset‘s original post, where you will find the unique paper playground printable free, for your enjoyment. Lille Huset is a modern toy company based in Indiana that carries only eco-friendly kids toys.

Lille Huset are designed in Chicago and Made in Indiana. Visit their website and social media networks below , for more well-designed paper fun. Get started on simple pretend play with your kids today. Exploring their website you will also find links to video tutorials for childrens learning through their one-of-a-kind materials.

The “Lille Huset Imagine Your World” paper-playset, is available in their creative webshop. Soon, I will be sharing my review of their products as I receive my order! I’m super excited!

<This Weekend ONLY Saturday and Sunday Lille Hauset products are on SALE! Its a flash 50% OFF, 2-day ONLY SUMMER SALE that is not to be missed!

Be sure to visit Lille Hauset:
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I discovered “Lille Huset” from some major creative bloggers over at ““–An excellent source of creativity from an art Mom blogger and fine designer.

Be sure to follow Small For Big on –
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What unique craft projects have you and your littles created lately?

Jeanine ;)

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Lille Huset Ideas

Well, we know the weather is going to be nice soon enough so we thought we would send along some warm weather love with our new paper play free download! Enjoy!


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Yup, Hoppy Easter I said It

Yup, a Happy Hoppy Easter to you all!

I have SOO many excuses reasons as to why I have not posted but, let’s talk about the far more beautiful I found this morning. Sorry kiddo’s this ones for the adults :D

Ok, QUICK, before the family arrives take a quick visit to find thee most beautiful Easter Bunny Bunting {plus, free quick printable} in the sweetest colors, available via The Sweetest Occasion.

Just print out the bunting (a simple pdf file) on cardstock, glue, hang on some string or ribbon and voila! The sweetest Easter decor! {{ Plus, visit the entire website while you’re there. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.}} You’ll be left inspired and craving to create more than the norm.

Here’s a photo (rights belongs to its creator) of this simple stunning Easter Bunting (or garland here in Canada) so you can have a taste of what to expect:


Here’s a peek at our one Easter Egg I made with LO yesterday LOL! Nothing like the Sweetest Occasion but, we had good intentions. (Forgive us, we’re both sick!) You guessed it FROZEN themed.


FYI– blown egg, dipped in neon blue liquid food coloring, DollarStore sticker mirror glued white teeny Pom poms on top like snow, and the rest is all hot glue gun and sprinkles :D {{ Next week I will share all our Easter projects late with you. They’re sure to inspire many other craft ideas for you and your children!}}

I have also been working on many more posts behind the scenes, to share with you over the coming Spring weeks for Moms and Children. I look forward to catching up with all of my WP Fam soon!

For now, have a Happy Easter from our family to yours, we pray you see and feel the experiences The Lord has set out for you today, and everyday.

God Bless,

JayNine and Girlz

PS ** Have you lost your creative inspiration to get involved with your childrens crafts and activities? It’s happened to us all. Things are looking up^^ Visit the links I’ve gathered on Pinterest –>> Childrens World, Childrens World 2 – Education, Kids Spaces (new*) hashtag #KidsSpaces. Now, the best board for last: Kids Art. Using the hashtag for my easy pin searching #KidsArt2014 and #KidsArt.

My Kids Art Pinterest Board was created recently inspired by the incredible batch of blogging moms. Don’t take my word for it go visit them on Pinterst now. Your arts’n’crafts world will never be the same:
Titled, the Rockin’ Art Moms **


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13 Ways To Overcome A Writer’s Block

I rarely re-blog, just because. I have been following this wonderful lady from the beginning of my little blogging career. She is much an inspiration for writing, social media, blogger tips, as she is for her incredible knowledge of the world of Interior Design. Today, I found a post of hers we can All Relate to: “Writers Block”! There are so many helpful tips here that I just had to share immediately. Please enjoy and I hope you find it as helpful as I do! –Jaynine xo

L' Essenziale Home Designs

Have you ever experienced that? You thought of a fantastic topic for an article, you picked up a catchy title, and perhaps even wrote the first sentence. And then… nulla… Your head seems to be empty and you mind is blocked. Messy thoughts are flying in disorder. I will open you a little secret: you are not the only one.

writer's block

I must confess that when I started blogging it took me two or sometimes even three days to write a single post. I was writing and then correcting and rewriting and editing again. I was so exhausted and overwhelmed with the process that at some point I almost decided to quit. Since then I improved my writing skills a lot. Now it usually takes me around two or three hours to write a new article for my blog. This allows me to publish more often which immediately results in increased…

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Link Day Friday | It’s Time Its Time

It’s Time guys! Time for Link Day Friday shares and, to announce the theme for the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge for this coming week. Get your pens, pencils, craft boxes, and camera’s ready STAT! Its going to be a quick one.

And the Theme is… “One Shot, Two Ways“. Be sure to read the detailed challenge rules in the link. These include more guidance and options for your photos, with links to other photography tips and tricks. To join in the photo challenge or writing challenges subscribe to the Daily Post. I am so glad I did! Pssst! Visit my other weekly photo posts

One Shot, Two Ways

one great craft shot, one way … Our own personal water bottle paint craft

 The perfect colorful crafting photo, covering two bases, and introducing the next subject:

One Shot, Two Ways

our perfectly crafty shot, a second way…using plastic water bottles, paint; elastic ;)

Link Day Friday 

Now, for the links– I get excited when readers stop to click for a peek at these links;) More then just sharing the information, I have been following these sites and their curators for some time now. They’re part of my routine. Alot of them share even more blogger resources. Trust me, keep these on hand! I promise they will delight your inbox and are each creative, worthy reads. Whichever you chose here’s the best of late:

1). Sash, curator of Inked In Colour:  

Outside of her blogs natural exterior beauty, Sash expresses herself passionately on issues important to her, and her readers.  As an Australian born woman she offers thought and conversational provoking view points with graceful assertiveness. As a Mother, she offers us an in-depth look into her experience in fostering creativity in children, plus her parenting and the ever so relatable piece containing bitter/sweet battles with child- ‘Weaning Hell‘! We Moms have all had some trouble with that at some point! 

2).  Handmade Charolette 

A site you may already be happily familiar with. Handmade Charolette is a web-collection full of blogging Mom’s providing inspiration for creative learning, and handmade DIY projects for children. The main focus by its creator, is on DIY Crafts & Design for Kids. Like them on their  Facebook Page for much more community communication, follow up photos, and further fun links.

3).  Discovered through Handmade Charolette’s contributors, was the  Natalia Kramer on her Google Plus Profile. Posts, photos, and links of her DIY craft projects. Kramers designs bring a child’s imagination to life, with designs jumping off the page! 

4). Small for Big 

…is where I found a valuable ABC’s Letter Playground idea link! Mari Richards‘ blog contains happy colors, and crafting DIY’s I just cannot explain in words. Her children’s toy finds beyond creatively unique.

Share your favorite creative kids activity, craft makers, DIY-ers, or your own link below.

We’re a busy little family this weekend. Maybe I’ll upload “One Shot, Two Ways” at some point again, when time;) Check out my Pinterest Boards for much more “pin-spiration”. Children’s World, DIY, and Land Of Etsy are full of useful information.

JayNine xox

Happy 4th of July

Just a Happy Independence Day sent to all of my blessed American friends, WordPress family members, and bloggers alike.

This posts for You!

A Salute to my USA followers and follows–image

I lean on you, like Salt does Pepper–image

While decorating your home, or your dinner ….image

…and, of course, your children: image

Or, while celebrating your buildings and houses (image)

through stormy weather, in good times and bad…image

20130704-172043.jpg the MOON

and the STARS

To your stylish wee toes:

This post is for you America …
Happy Independence Day

JayNine xo