Just an update of our “weekend”

Most adults get excited when the weekend comes but, MY ‘weekend’ starts tomorrow, your MONDAY. Once all the insanity of the running around, hop scotch, ball playing, soccer kicking, cooking, dishes, cooking, dishes, messing teenager, Mom rushing around like a chicken without a head, playing four year old games for three full days–comes to a close: MOM gets to relaxAhhhh, I Love my Daughter, I love children, I adore spending quality family time with them both (when I can get the teenager involved at all); BUT, me,


Yep, hate away. I know no one likes Mondays but, for me, together with Tuesdays, it’s my personal weekend, when the youngest goes off to her lovely school/daycare across the street and Mom sits. And sits. And sits.
For the first time in a WEEK. Literally. As a single mother with a single mother, there’s not a lot of time for Grandmas helping hands. But she helps in so many other more important ways…in the meantime, here’s a look into our ‘weekends!’










Going to be outside all day celebrating the finally sprung Spring Weather here in Ontario, Canada at 14 degrees C! With an umbrella to bear the rain! We hope you enjoy a look into our activities below through photos of Dinosaur Digs, ‘Hop-scotch-a-bets’ (lol hey I just made them up yesterday on my own;), Kite Flying, and more random shots of fun!

Sending Blessings to you and yours,
from our little family,
P.S. have a laugh on me bcuz I just figured out how to upload
and write in Edit on iPad mobile version app of WordPress! LOL at self;)

Peacock Alley’s Dignified Dwellings

This post is from my love for interior design side! I have past experience in interior design, house keeping, home staging, and had my own green cleaning home care company, for seven years; up until having my last child. In the meantime, I spend more of my decor days in our new home, at the second hand stores repurposing the sweetest findings lol!

A fine luxury home decor store that I absolutely adore is ‘Peacock Alley’. Providing delectable colored and texturized bedding and more, they’ve recently teamed up with another interior design service. This one is a little different from the norm as it provides needy selected families, with decor of the highest quality for their personal comfort, in their home! This is my first time hearing of this type of charity and wanted to share it with you all. Dwell In Dignity is a company which assists choice families with an inspiring home interior, provided by their donators, with a home environment they can thrive and feel encouraged in.
I felt inspired to share this with you, just from reading Peacock Alley & Dwell’s Reveal Post on the last home design they provided!
The other news is that Peacock Alley has their blog hosted here, with us, on WordPress!

Take a click and a look, on their link above, for a daydream moment with me…ahhh…heavenly sheet counts…until tomorrow,

What’s your favorite luxury home furnishings online store you’d love to spend a day shopping in?