Good Monday Morning All!

Lets start off with the truth: this is not an April Fools Day joke lol. Although it sounds crazy that I would be nominated for Inspiring Blog–I have been! (yay me) Along with a great bunch of others here on line. This is my first time being nominated as well, posting a nomination roll so bare with me!

Rules for Nominees Are:

1. Display the award image on your blog page.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. State seven facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award.
5. Notify your bloggers of their nomination and link to their posts.

I have been nominated by Sandra Hersey.
This first link up there, is not to her blog but to her about me page. Which is the part that inspired me most. Sandra has a large family and we are a smaller size lol! I am a Single-Mother of 2, and the ‘trying’days can arise partnered with self-pity, at times (I’m honest, period). Sandra’s posts have helped inspire me to keep going, on the days I have felt it’d be easier to give up. Thank You Sandra at The Adored Home for the nomination! I’m honored and flattered. Be sure to stop by the adored home blog and feel the inspiration she’s shared with us today.

7 Facts About Me:

1. I am a Happy Single Mother and have been for 14 years.
2. I am a recovered addict of the most hopeless extent that was doomed
3. I have struggled with Depression and Anxiety since age 17, yet I have HOPE.
4. I do not actually’ like’ chocolate. Surprise, I am actually not alone in that one..
5. I do not like receiving ‘flowers’ from anyone.
6. I am overly obsessed with lip gloss. Sleep with it under my pillow.
7. I have taken a personal vow of celibacy just over a year ago.

My Nominations (in no particular order):

1. AngelicScalliwags homeschooling, humble, mom extrordinaire!!!
2. Natalia Maks travelling worldwide vicariously through her photography
3. Heather Telford at “Bits & Pieces” (paper inspirations & crafts)
4. Faking the Perfect Picture realness
5. “Normal Is The New Boring”similarities in raising children struggles.
6. photography, similar livingrooms, more.
7. Gareeth
For his absolute intellectual expression of HIS truths. Inspires me to be a better writer.
8. Layla Nadda (my soul sister)
A Mother sharing a deeper learning in Jesus Christ and her experiences with Him.
9. Jasyah–Life Lessons welcome her 2 blogging!
10. The Elemental Life charity, design
11. Natalia Repolovsky at Shoe Box her finds for small space dwellings.
12. And Then She Made

13. the Thrifty Rebel
A(nother) Great Canadian Blogger! Realness, DIYs, honest shares!
14. HipHomeSchoolMoms homeschooling Mom posts (*didnt know anything about blogging when nominated them. But, all Parents need to check out their amazing tools!)
15. Shimmy-Shark in by Camera for WOW pix!

Remember, If you do not want to participate in the Nomination, know that your name and blog have been shared here; and that YOU INSPIRE ME! Think of how many more you can inspire now! Each and every one of you means something different to each one of your readers!

Sometimes when we do things reluctantly (it happens somedays), it helps to remember

        SomeOne is Always Looking Up to You–thank you!
a nomination for most "Inspiring Blog Award"

a nomination for most “Inspiring Blog Award”


–until I figure out how to categorize my ‘Award Posts’ under one menu, here is a list of the ones I have received; by photo:




…and the latest two:

14 thoughts on “Awards

  1. You may be the only person I know with an active vow of celibacy who isn’t a nun! Well, except for a few married friends, but theirs aren’t voluntary. Good for you! Hope all is well.


    • I absolutely accept and I think that was an excellent idea to create such an award! I might work on the image size if that’s ok with you (as you created it) sending you final copy with the acceptance post of the award. Oh! Which reminds me, maybe you could even alter your ‘wp family award’ creation a little further. Adding some ‘rules’ for acceptance (like all the other awards)? I am working on 4 acceptance speeches today LOL, so funny I found this comment because I was going to connect YOU and the WP fam award, to share with others. I believe the purpose of all awards is to: invite, include and encourage the ‘newcomer'(i know my 1st award encouraged me to write more & felt GREAT!), link the inspiration/topics you find in hopes that it might assist one of your followers or nominees–I will complete this thought in my post and leave saying: I always do my best to nominate the un-nominated! It keeps me busy, connected, follows added, and grows our unique family here. I feel more support here somedays than in my out-side-screen-life! THANK YOU! Keep up the honesty! It’s an irreplaceable attribute ;)


      • Thank you for your kind honesty.. x
        I think I would like to keep this award Simple.just pick 10 people we see as people we rely on here as almost family. Some awards take half an hour. This one is just the message. Some Awards are fun, but I have 130 awards and you do run out of things to say, I have my shoe size and blood type left… lol

        Thank you again. Means a lot x


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