Wordless Weekend Letters

This was supposed to be posted on the weekend… if you don’t call me late–don’t call me LOL…(whatever, that just sounded good)! since having LO, we’re all late for everything unfortunately! Our weekends are full of childrens activities, outdoor fun, and quality family time. I chose this time to set the phone and computers aside; […]

iPhone Icicles

I must give credit to the Wordless ‘theme’ from an inspiring “Dissocial Mom Blog“ from here on WordPress. Around here theres barely a second to breathe on weekends! Full of crafts, parks, family time, or is that ‘time outs’ anyway…welcome to our “Wordless Weekends” I took these photos on our last ice storm here in […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece | Postcard Photo

Today, I am mixing my Wordless Weekend, with the (hosted by) Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: (theme) “Masterpiece” this week. This is my first photo post, using the suggested tag of: post a day, as per the Daily Post photo challenge guidelines. I will re-post their guidelines snippet in my next entry. It provides readers […]