UPDATED:  @HeyDay Photo App Review


For all users of the heyday app... The creators ditched this creation. The owner was just featured in a fortune.com article. He’s just picked up, left behind, leaving NO NOTICE NO RESPONSE on ANY Social Media Accounts, regarding this fact. He’s picked up a new giant idea, and just walked away… All servers containing our FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHYS, NOTEs with THOUSANDS of Memories we took time to Write Save and share so that we could have them FOREVER, to NEVER be FORGOTTEN…. All Gone.

Just gone.

No answers. Tweeted, Instagramed, face booked, and commented everywhere I could:  NO RESPONSE. I even messaged Heyday’s every person tagged in his Instagram account pictures. Website: GONE. We need to get togethe to address this and I have started the process through Apple Support via their Twitter account. 

ALSO, in closing, I am trying to reach out to as many Heyday App Users as possible, and gathering names and then continuing to keep trying to reach the x owners for CLARITY ANSWERS AND ASSURITY as to WHAT happens now? Where are our photos? How do I know you won’t use my photos in any dishonest manners? WHO does have access to our photos and memorable moment so? 



WHY ? WHY, were we NOT given the opportunity to write down, re-download, get back, ALL OF OUR MOMENTS AND PHOTOS FIRST, before you (extremely dishonestly) just disappeared? NO NOTICE on your website, NO Posts on your instagram? Your facebook? NOT EVEN A GENERAL EMAIL sent to your ongoing Customers?!?! HOW could you do that? WHAT will we do now? 

Where are our Notes? Why would we Not be given some kind of notice?…. 

Many other apps have done and DO, out of RESPECT for THEIR customers they’ve stored their PHOTO Memories of, for YEARS.   ESPECIALLY when the service that’s provided, INVOLVES FAMILIES photos, and life memories, moments that will never be brought back again, not ever, of real lives, of their unique experiences!…. AND, I am both disgusted, and I am committed to finding ANSWERS

Please leave a comment or go through my Contact Page to leave your name, email address, and maybe your Twitter and Instagram names so that I can message and tag you further, when and, If I figure out what happens next, with our photos and notes contained within the @Heyday app –that is just no longer useable now. Just fell off the planet I guess. Please be patient as I do receive a lot of emails via my blog.



*URGENT:  DO NOT DOWNLOAD this app entitled “Heyday – Journaling. Reimagined.” created by “Hey, Inc.”


A quick photo app review for you before the holidays really begin! 

For those of you that have been following me for sometime, especially HERE on My Instagram, you know I LOVE a great photo effect and photo storage (Apple iTunes) App!

This specific one I wanted to share right away (without editing or thought) because, it will be thee perfect addition to your iPhone camera for Christmas time!

If you’re travelling around to families houses, from one town to another, you will find this app absolutely perfect for your hectic schedule. I am a pro at that, trust me here…


From indoors to outdoors, here’s our latest “Saturday Afternoon”…

I have yet to find an app I appreciate more. Now that being said, I do love my other photo effect apps for playing with colour, edits, and effects but, this app is different.

First, its called
“Heyday – Journaling. Reimagined.” created by “Hey, Inc.”

In my personal experience, this app is better than iPhoto, Instagram(<–follow me there;); or any photo storage type app I have purchased through Apple, iTunes AppStore.

An intuitive, organzied, systematic photo storage app. All you do, is take the photo, leave the rest, up to the app…

In the HeyDay the app:
Stores all photos taken by date, time, sequence. Also, labels each with its time frame ie-“Sunday Afternoon” to separate, “Sunday Evening”.

Arranges, and or re-arranges each photo collage or section the app itself creates for you.

Best Features:

A-  Easy date storage for remembering when photo was taken precisely.

B-  With the added option for you to socially share each of these sectioned and timed collages. (Through Facebook and beyond). 

C-  While enjoying a look at the gorgeous layouts the Heyday app creates for you, go into each photo, change its position, drag and remove one you dont like, or “add/swap” the images you prefer!

D-  Ok, I do not personally use this feature mainly because we don’t travel very far as we used to, without a vehicle of our own, the Location Services! Turn these on and always be able to share with the children exactly who’s house you were celebrating at for turkey. Skip the kids arguments and turn ON your location services within the app itself. 

On top of that, one great shot just a bit too dark, sharp, or not on the images focal point, tap it and readjust its positioning. Chose from excellent photo effect filters for the perfect result; which are already included in the download!

Brings me to the Best Part:

Affordable price, and No hidden “in-app purchases” required to buy the photo effect filters and best qualities. All around the best holiday photo app for the organized, digital, photo taking Mom.

…or wait is that disorganized rushing Mom whom has no time to re-organize photos? 

Yep! That’s Me! 

I realize that our camera rolls now provide this type of info. However I don’t remembering seeing the photos by time nor with such simple good looking aesthetics either. I’d like to remind you as well for those whom love to share some photos socially once in a while, the camera roll does not offer an already well-crafted collage of your photos in various filters effect options. 

So there! 

Go get your Heyday and Hey! Enjoy your day! 

“Happy Holidays, eh?” :D

Your Canadian Friend,

JayNine xox

Get all the photo apps you need, in ONE Great APP:
HeyDay by Hey, Inc.


* I am not paid for any of my posts not do I oppose, sell, or promote the use of any product I share about here. I simply am sharing with my readers my honest personal experience with my favorite things in the world * Jeanine H of j9sopinion

PHOTO 2 “Sunday Evening”

Entitled: “Sunday Evening” by the app itself, I welcome the Organization!




In closing, I will be very careful, research more, and probably won’t actually download any “new” photo Journalling apps–thanks to this experience with @Heyday … I do not regret easily, but this one I do. In my downloading and Apple purchase history, I have  downloaded about 1,200 apps in total:  this is the first experience of this kind. Hopefully the last. Even though I have lost money on crappy apps, I’ve let it go a lot faster. I didn’t even bother writing bad reviews! I could not even tell you their names. This one will stick with me for quite some time. It was four years plus of our lives in photos. 

Thanks  for the Life Lesson in Technology department Chen. Someday I hope you come back down from your new “Stolen” high —

(“Stolen” is Chen’s newest highly successful gaming app appropriately named after it follows his dropping off the world from his heyday app) to give back to the little people whom supported you through Heyday



30 thoughts on “UPDATED:  @HeyDay Photo App Review

    • Christina, I will not give up hope… I have just had to put that adventure aside for a while but I will continue trying to get in contact. I would suggest everyone does! We should all chose a date and then tweet storm Chen’s Twitter and Instagram….


  1. Dang! I thought I was the only one who thought that something strange happened to “HeyDay”. I didn’t even know they shut down until I got a new phone and re-downloaded the app to my new phone and not be able to log in. I looked to see if there was an issue and found nothing as far as answers as to what the heck happened. This is the second time happening to me with these online journal developers, the first group of people did the same thing and I found out about them through my Apple App Store by reading the reviews from other customers that were having issues trying to log in after logging out – they’re servers were never available (just like HeyDay) . I really liked HeyDay.., but I have since moved on to another journal keeping app lol. Hopefully they won’t shut down unexpectedly either lol.. or I’ll have to return to pen and paper again lol. As for HeyDay… its their loss not mine 😂😂😂 – however I am still curious to know what is the reason was for shutting down so please keep this going bc we as customers deserve to know something!!


  2. I am extremely disappointed in these thieves. I needed those journal entries and photos for a collage for an ill relative, and also for business invoicing. Now I will lose thousands of dollars and memories.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is the very reason NOT to trust any social media company. They will use us, then send us on our merry way onto a path leading us to another shark. It’s all about greed. Period. The one saving grace is the fact, at some point, at some level either now or later, the creator will have to answer for his actions. He probably already is paying the price, just in small chunks that will add up to an enormous debt revealed to him during a period of great despair in his life, whether it be mental, physical financial or all of the listed.


    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi Jaynine,
    I just found this article after only now finding out my Heyday photos have gone!! So disappointing.Did you manage to find any other info if i can be retrieved?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi there Suzi, not as of yet. Please let us know if you do ever hear anything as well. I keep getting comments here & eventually we should get together & tweet storm. All I got was a “sorry about your luck” from iTunes AppStore as well. No one can help us unless they have access to the heyday servers.


    • The slips me right now but I believe his name is Chen, he and his staff were on Instagram last I checked but NONE had guts to reply….& his new app game is called Stolen. Just look that up… actually I have the article as well. You should be able to find all his info from googling it & the article. I also tweeted as hundred times & no reply… i actually LOVE hearing from others here who’ve been “screwed over” by him.. there’s strength in numbers. We should all be rallying against him for him to take some responsibility!


  5. I have been waiting on the android version of this app. I can’t believe he just dropped it. Or did he sell it? Anyway I’m still looking for a similar app. Thank you for the update.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah it’s really upsetting…& if only I knew anything about apps, I’d recreate this for $5 a pop & make it myself. Since he dropped it like hot cakes, someone else should get the gravy he’s left behind! It’s such an INCREDIBLY AMAZING APP!!!!!


  6. Thank you for posting this! I hadn’t used for awhile and then I wanted to and kept checking thinking it was a glitch until I finally went to update or reload I went to delete so I could reload and thought I don’t want to LOSE MY PHOTIS AND JOURNAL!! Sucks pretty bad losing memories, one of the few things I regret. WOW SOOO So rude all he had to do was let us know and We would wish him well. BAD BUSINESS not mention the ethics SMH. Smart guy my ass definitely want to tweet him. Let me know IM IN. Thanks again. #soBummed

    Liked by 1 person

    • That right …. absolutely …. I hear you! I will keep gathering everyone’s info that I can. We can hopefully even tweet the heck out of Apple Customer Service to to put Pressure on Chen to release our photos on his servers, or for him to release the TRUTH ! That he ditched his customers. Yeah, I too SMH I personally do not understand how people like that can sleep at night to be honest… I barely sleep considering my loss nevermind of if I caused that loss to another?! EEP! I’d be in deep guilt!


  7. I CRIED FOR DAYS! I got a new iPhone 7 and redownloaded the app just to find everything I ever loved was gone. It broke my heart and I really need this back with all the pictures, and detailed journal entries I had in there. Let me know if there is anything I can do to solve this.

    Liked by 1 person

    • HEY GUYS!!!!!
      NEWS PLEASE READ: so just a quick update that no news from the developer himself as YET BUT, I have had a random person send a helpful message to me on twitter which I will be investigating next week!
      Apparently there is a Journalist who deals specifically with developer issues just like ALL OF OURS!
      He’s sent me quite a bit of information so I need some time to get through it!
      PLEASE, do 1 of 2 things:
      1/ follow and message me on twitter letting me know you’re messaging regarding this HeyDay App issue (my twitter name: j_nine_34 as in j9 34 please!)
      2/ if you do NOT have twitter account it’s ok, go to my CONTACT PAGE Here on this blog from my homepage j9sopinion.com and send me an email direct!
      This way I will update everyone by email. I want names and email addresses from everyone here! I want to get our stuff back or at LEAST ANSWERS! Guilt? An admission from Chen what he did as VERY SHADY & dishonest? Whatever!
      Ok talk soon! If you know anyone else share this with them too! STRENGTH IN Numbers!
      Thanks for your help and patience all.


  8. Ahhh! I hope we can get some answers. This is so frustrating. I try to not let it bother but I keep thinking about the stuff that I’m missing. I have my children’s milestones notes and pictures on the app. I’m so pissed!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know Joanna! It’s been too many Years! Yes, even after allll this time, I still long for the picturesand stories of my daughters childhood too.
      Fingers crossed!


  9. Very disappointing. I had chronicled my daughter’s first 2 years on there. I wondered what had happened and did not find any information. If only we could have had any warning at all….😢

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I have years of info too. Love the app. So disappointed.
    I too didn’t k ow until I received a new phone. It would be nice to be able to save the journals. Please let me know if u find a way to save.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey There! I am still so shocked at how many notifications of Comments in this post I come by… Please read my response Samantha below & keep commenting if you don’t hear back from me with any sort of news by February! I am sending out a touch base message to a guy on Twitter that I met a while back now, regarding info he was going to find for me about some developer possibly being able to get into access our stuff.
      BUT PLS I Don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up. However lets keep the positivity up & if all else fails, we can always just hunt him down to make him see how HORRIBLY He Hurt us all, at least to be HEARD.
      Keep in touch Yours kindly,


  11. Folks…. I still have not heard back from the Developer guy that was going to look into finding out if there was a way for us to access our stolen memories. However, I just ran over his message in my twitter DM’s yesterday, so I will reach out yet again. I am sorry I haven’t kept in contact, as I am certain good ppl of the internet understand, ‘real life goes on behind the blog’ right?
    So my apologies to you all💝🙏🏽.
    I have NEVER forgotten what this slime ball app developer did to us & what he STOLE from our families… Believe me….
    And with all sincerity Samantha, I am actually sooo very pleasantly surprised to see someone else is STILL NOT over it as I am😣. I have fallen ill (but I’m good) & will be off work for a few months at least. I look forward to starting up my blog again, looking to communicate with you all, & hunting down & finding ANSWERS we are all satisfied with. I have surgery up coming in March so I will put my feelers out there now, & hope to have some firm answers before then. PLS KEEP Commenting to remind me as the more I age the worse my ADHD memory gets unfortunately. My notifications are on however & I will keep up with you all. 💝💝 PLS remember to follow me on Twitter too: “J9sWonder” (but I will be updating all social media’s to “J9nKidz” as I catch up with on line work).
    HAPPY NEW YEAR & Blessings to you all!


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