Yup, Hoppy Easter I said It

Yup, a Happy Hoppy Easter to you all!

I have SOO many excuses reasons as to why I have not posted but, let’s talk about the far more beautiful I found this morning. Sorry kiddo’s this ones for the adults :D

Ok, QUICK, before the family arrives take a quick visit to find thee most beautiful Easter Bunny Bunting {plus, free quick printable} in the sweetest colors, available via The Sweetest Occasion.

Just print out the bunting (a simple pdf file) on cardstock, glue, hang on some string or ribbon and voila! The sweetest Easter decor! {{ Plus, visit the entire website while you’re there. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.}} You’ll be left inspired and craving to create more than the norm.

Here’s a photo (rights belongs to its creator) of this simple stunning Easter Bunting (or garland here in Canada) so you can have a taste of what to expect:


Here’s a peek at our one Easter Egg I made with LO yesterday LOL! Nothing like the Sweetest Occasion but, we had good intentions. (Forgive us, we’re both sick!) You guessed it FROZEN themed.


FYI– blown egg, dipped in neon blue liquid food coloring, DollarStore sticker mirror glued white teeny Pom poms on top like snow, and the rest is all hot glue gun and sprinkles :D {{ Next week I will share all our Easter projects late with you. They’re sure to inspire many other craft ideas for you and your children!}}

I have also been working on many more posts behind the scenes, to share with you over the coming Spring weeks for Moms and Children. I look forward to catching up with all of my WP Fam soon!

For now, have a Happy Easter from our family to yours, we pray you see and feel the experiences The Lord has set out for you today, and everyday.

God Bless,

JayNine and Girlz

PS ** Have you lost your creative inspiration to get involved with your childrens crafts and activities? It’s happened to us all. Things are looking up^^ Visit the links I’ve gathered on Pinterest –>> Childrens World, Childrens World 2 – Education, Kids Spaces (new*) hashtag #KidsSpaces. Now, the best board for last: Kids Art. Using the hashtag for my easy pin searching #KidsArt2014 and #KidsArt.

My Kids Art Pinterest Board was created recently inspired by the incredible batch of blogging moms. Don’t take my word for it go visit them on Pinterst now. Your arts’n’crafts world will never be the same:
Titled, the Rockin’ Art Moms **


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2 thoughts on “Yup, Hoppy Easter I said It

  1. What lovely Easter crafts! Thanks for stopping by my blog (grafficalmuse) and leaving a comment. I always appreciate viewers, your blog is awesome and I will visit frequently. Just so you know, I take requests for free printables and vintage images, so if you have anything in mind, just shoot me a message. Have a lovely rest of your weekend!!


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