Wicker Woes


Just saw this across the street at our neighbourhood ‘big bulk’ (garbage) pick up day. I couldnt help but think of the possibilities for repurpose and re-creation!

Wicker furniture was such a big part of my childhood. I just had to share this with you.

You would not believe the items people just throw out!? It baffles me.

Earlier this year we picked up four perfect shape leather diningroom chairs! The slightest tear in one seat was the only damage.

I can’t help but think someone out there is looking to cherish a vintage retro whatever wicker basinet. It separates top from bottom as well. I myself would have loved one for my last child ;D

Oh well, “one mans trash is another mans treasure”–Its soo sad I have no where to house it temporarily even. I’m sad to see it go like this.

See you tomorrow for a DIY decor update and inspiration post. Who knows, might be good for a few laughs!

Jaynine xox

UPDATE** i am so happy to report that even though it wasn’t me, someone DID pick up the crib/basinet ;D
I am happy someone saw the gold in that box!!
I looked on line for a comparison price: $330.00 !!!!! I Knew it wouldve been a worthy grab!!!

13 thoughts on “Wicker Woes

  1. So what? people just leave their rubbish (To them) in the street and people help themselves? I wish people did this in Scotland.. Tight asses :-(


  2. It is in pretty good nick, except for the material cover bit by the looks. It could be very pretty in the right nursery setup, and different, which I always love.
    Sometimes people don’t want to buy things though and you get stick of storing things, so you put it on the sidewalk and hope someone takes it. Most people want it when it’s free, rather than having to pay for it.
    Great find!! xx


    • Now THAT’S a wicker WOE–or is that “WOOOOOOOOOOOE”, as in what the heck happened here!?!?! What in the world could someone use pieces so destroyed for? That’s just sad. Thanks for stopping by the conversation my friend ;D


  3. You are too funny, JayNine. I have a 4-drawer fire proof file cabinet that I have here by my pc that I curb-side picked at an office going out of business. I love it!


    • I know right??!! It was in honest PERFECT condition–toss and remake the “decor” lol!! It didn’t even have a scratch! I had no where to put it. I Still regret it $330! Is what i saw them on line for (second hand) unbelievable!


      • I hear ya on the lack of space! I still can’t believe it, but I guess if they have so much stuff that they have to part with something like that….they probably needed to toss it! :) I think it’s funny how people toss thins without knowing the value of them!


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