Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

Here’s a ‘fresh’ challenge for us all here on WordPress!

I have been looking for new challenges and ways to be more active in our wordpress communities. I need simple , more show, less writing ones for now–THIS! IS perfect for me:)

Stay tuned to see my photos updated.

Take a look at designated post and photo tags, for a look at photos from other bloggers too. Like a few. Search the unique. So many inspirations from this one challenge!

To take part, follow the re-blog for the original link and see challenge instructions.

However, I will reshare them on my next, first “Weekly Photo Challenge” post.

Look forward to seeing your photos soon,


2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

    • I Know Right!!!
      Think of the endless inspirations and opportunity. I look forward to ‘showing-off’ LOL my PopAGraph photo app capabilities–gotta check the rules however!
      I was also thinking of make it like a regular post as well: adding many of our regular activities pertaining to the theme, running more than one photo but using a main one at top of post, and making a new ‘challenges page’ containing links to all my challenge posts from parenting to photographing!
      I love challenges because I’m encouraged to grow, blogger ability wise…to discover and take part in new things, and I love ‘fresh’ ideas and inspiration! Life is so beautiful hey?
      Ill be watching for your weekly photo photos!
      Remember to read the instructions, as I noticed alot of great blogging tips too…Well, I sourced this post while on a ‘tangent’ searching through the WordPress help/support sections!
      LOL Adult ADD comes with much self-discovery.
      Happy Days ;)


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