Best Liebster Award Nomination

Nominated for yet another sweet award, the Liebster Award (<–nomination post link)–Now!
I am nominating you for it too!  FYI–>I am nominating bloggers that I would truly appreciate hearing responses from. The questions part is a fun creative way, to share more than just our links, put some personal efforts into it, by coming up with the random questions ourselves. A little different from the norm. I like it.

Keep in mind, each one of the links in the nominees I provide are to real people with much to offer. Please visit their blogs. Enjoy their responses. But first, My Award comes from the following one of a kind blogger!

To my VIP
***Many Many heart felt laughs thanks, and spanks, to the best of the real world within WordPress: the one and only SistaStertaline on WordPress here at Phoenix Flights for the nomination and humble questions request! (warning Sista S: I am coming to visit someday, I swear!)

RULES of Engagement:
1. Thank the Liebster Blog presenter who nominated you, with link back to their blog.
2. Answer the 11 questions you were asked and create 11 of your own questions to ask your nominees.
3. Nominate 11 blogs of your choice: new, old, just found, following, or you think deserve some notice; and let them know they’ve been nominated!
4. Show off the Award photo on your blog!
5. No tag backs–meaning you can’t just re-nominate the person who nominated you.

***This is a great way to keep connected, boast about your fav’s, let others find new blogs, and to keep connected! Remember to have fun with it!

liebster image

liebster award logo

The QUESTIONS  I have been asked, with My Answers:

1.   Do you think you are capable of killing another human being?
*I can say NO, but I have no real experience with such rage.

2.   City, Country or Coast?
*Reformed ‘city girl’ right here and loving it but, coast not country. Theres just something comforting about living near the water.

3.   If you found £50/$50 inside a store, would you hand it in?
*An absolute 100% YES! everytime

4.   Haagen Dazs or Ben & Jerrys?
*neither: raw cookie dough. I don’t like ice cream

5.   Have you ever spent money on calling into a reality TV show, which one and why?
*Not tv show, but I have called a #800 psychic before, cost me $330!

6.   When was the last time you lost your temper and why?
*Tuesday, over text messages with teen in NYC, becuz she’s refused to go out while there?! (long story)

7.   What have you done in your life that you are most proud of?
*Helped others find God, by sharing my worst and best of my addiction experiences …

8.   Have you ever had sex when you really didn’t want to?
Honestly, **TOO many times … ;(

9.   What is better, being ‘nice’ or being honest?
**Honesty–saves more lives than bullshit!

10.   Do you believe in God?
*and no one else above!

11.   What would be your epitaph?
**She did it all for her kids (tears)

After tearing up over the last question, lol here are the selected bloggers I want answers from!

1-  Mr. Don of  Don Of All Trades a superior talented blogger, fun, creative laughable heart warming posts, from the life of a real Father ;)

2-  Kaela Moore is a younger (non wrinkled) version of me. The more posts we share, the more laughs and relation we find lol ;) 

3-  Shaun, who’s Looking For Reasoning in a Complicated World.  A wonderful Father whom suffers with chronic pain syndrome much life, knowledge through his own experiences to offer; with a refreshing humor and fun.

4-  Christine at Project Light to Life blog.  Join her in the adventures from the life of a college student and her bucket list, of sorts. (specifically this–>> is A must read post for all!

5-  Pink Butterflies a newly followed mommy blogger!

6-  My girl White Lady in the Hood I got to hear her answers lol, a much to offer blogger!

7-  Mummy Flying Solo my new found friend in same parenting position-solo!

8-  If you cant handle the truth, stay the heck out this ladies kitchen! Bam!
Mommy over at I Have an Opinion I’d Like to Share pssst!…this is one opinion you’ll wanna hear…

9-   Normal is the New Boring family life, parenthood, and inspirations from Mom with her thriving preemie.

10- the DisSocial Mom only because I miss the living heck out of this woman but, hope shes enjoying her summer vacation! Must Subscribe for a real honest mom blog.

11-   Everyone needs a Granny–mines Cranky over at Grandma Says… Plus, Cranky’s new space where we can appreciate her journey in writing A Dream Come True.  Even though I know she’s not accepting awards because shes got too much cooler stuff goin’ on right now, but I’d still love to hear her answers …..

**Nominees, I have sent you these because I actually would love to hear your answers.  This is actually alot of fun, and simpler than I had first thought.  I would love for you to take part ;)  The fun part is actually in making up these questions for you!

These are the 11 simple questions I’d love to hear your answers for my nominations. (NO, I didn’t steal any other bloggers questions! lol! )

1.  Have you thought of an invention you wish you had shared, that someone else now has patented/created?

2.  Have you had sex with a “best-friend” from the opposite sex and it ruined your friendship?

3.  Would you do me a favor?

4.  Do you Pray?

5.  Have you been to New York City in USA?

6.  Truth or Dare?

7.  Have you ever called (or met with) a psychic?

8.  What’s your secret to a Good Marriage?

9.  Which Celebrity do you dream of being intimate with? (LOL! I can’t believe I’m making this stuff up lol)!

10.  What was the best gift you were ever given? (from any holiday)

11.  Where are you in 5 years?

**remember to have fun and get creative guys! 

If you have a secret way that you post your blog awards, that doesnt take 4 days, a bottle of vodka (for visitors), and a hernia to write:  I’d REALLY appreciate hearing your ‘secrets to success’ in the Comments below…Seriously, my entire family’s getting tired of me yelling swears at the computers LOL…

JayNine xo

PS–I had already finished this post, published it, shared the nominations with bloggers; all from the comforts of my cell phone and iPad–HOWEVER, as my flourishing relationship with computers and “Murphy” (..that b(*****d!) for some reason, my comp’s didn’t sync, and this posts original form itself was lost.  Sorry if you return to accept your award and their are missing comments, shares or posts. This is just another glimpse into my messed up blog world LOL!

25 thoughts on “Best Liebster Award Nomination

  1. Ha, loved your answers, especially No. 8, seems like everyone who has answered has ‘taken one for the team’ every now and then ;-) !

    $300 for a psychic? Blimey, I hope that reading was accurate and involved a lottery win?

    Thanks so much for doing this honey, and I hope you had fun with it!

    Big love xxx


    • LMAO –ok your the second person to respond on the Psychic Story: I will work on making it a post. Like I responded to other blogger about that, It was actually a bad/sad situation surrounding the call but, the lesson itself HAD to be learned someway…the story will explain all of that though. As my writing style gets better, I will share with you–my “Suckerrr” story
      Thank You for this it was SOO much fun and I look forward to seeing all my blogger friends/fan respond!!!


  2. Thanks for the Nomination, my second award – how cool. Slowly working out this blogging world. Love new blogs to follow too, so will check them out & respond as soon as I can. It may take me a few days too. xx


    • Oh my goodness! ‘Just getting around’ You’ve figured out SOO many more widgets, website goodies, images, etc, that I have NO idea about. I love my NEW theme; accept its widgets are numbered and “hidden” almost…so confused! I just cannot justify ‘Paying for a Theme’ (WP is dang expensive too!) LOL.
      You seEm very comfortable and confident, it looks good on you!!


    • You too sweetheart! I have had a rough one anyways…just lots of changes in the 3 of us going on inside each our own worlds. As you can imagine, 3 females no matter the age, under same roof, with one head chef, can be at the best of times a little warm in the kitchen grrrr–outside of that, we’ve enjoyed superb weather and time with other family thank you–>> check on miss fanny p ok, she had a hard one the other day Send her some love ;)


    • Lol! No no more awards LOL–> I am SOO backed up and in case you didn’t notice you sweetheart: I still haven’t completed the “Sweetest Blogger Award”! But, there is a, helpful yes, sweet, not so much lol lol!
      I will get to as soon as I can ;)
      Thank You


  3. Thanks Jaynine! I will come back and check out your bloggers. You spent 330 bucks on a psychic? I may have to hear this story! :)


    • Ohhh nooo!–is that all you ppl care about?! A good sucker story? Lol!
      It’s actually quite sad and one of the absolute greatest lessons I learned the hard way in my entire life: As I learn how to write more substances with less words, I will fill you and the other askers in too! You all are so fantastic, at least I know it was readable LOL!!! ;)


  4. Um, I got wrinkles. Especially when I make *this face.* (Don’t you wish you knew what face I was making?)

    You’re so kind. Thank you! I’ll be getting the post up THIS WEEK! And there are no secrets to doing these posts. I always get a hernia when I do mine.


    • lmao! (What’s the wrinkle face though?! “Oh-no”?..?
      I’m making My perplexed face now!?!) Lol u got wrinkles pffft! lol when you MakE wrinkled faces hunny lol!
      Alls fair, you gotta answer the questions lol. Whenever you get it done: Have fun! lol Jeanine


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