A Simple Write


After weeks and months of trying this blogging thing out for the first time, I have come to a few conclusions. This post does not have a hidden lesson, or moral of the story, its just a post about my personal experience with my own blog.

I cannot write well. Writing from personal experience, is nothing like speaking from experience; as I have done in my past. I can stand up in a room filled with all of my readers, other bloggers, and strangers and do an excellent job sharing my words of wisdom for you all to hear. On any given topic that I know well, do it confidently, and I might even get a few laughs.

But, writing? from my own personal experience?
I cannot seem to chose from one subject or one experience, and produce a readable version of the event! I cannot put to paper how I remember it from my head! I don’t know why. I have been diligently trying to figure the answer out behind the scenes for months now, reading, re-reading, drafting, posting; there is no other answer accept that I am afraid of the outcome. I am afraid of how my works appear and how they will be received by all. Most of the time, my writing a real ‘good’ post stems from days of high stress, disorganization, yelling, and taking it all too personally. Especially since taking the Orange Rhino Challenge, LOL I have no way to complete the writing process with yelling anymore! ;) (thankfully!)

This all came about a few months ago. I found myself spending enormous amounts of time on my other website, design and architecture related (past work experience). All of a sudden, I realized I was getting grouchy, longing, and impatient with the kids and immediately thought of how much ‘computer time I was losing’. That’s when it hit me. I wasn’t spending time on the computer for love and enjoyment anymore, it was out of necessity. Something had to give.

After 3 days of no writing at all, missing article deadlines, and some time talking with God; we realized the missing element. My purpose for writing had become (more) self-centered than not. I am already getting too long so I’m not going to explain selfishness, we’re all plagued with it.

“Helping Others”that’s it. That is the missing element. Currently now I have some new plans for my other blog/sites which have shifted their sole purpose into helping others! Yes! Even in the design, architecture, and mommy world. I readdressed the whole helping others and made a firm decision: if my time on the computer wasn’t directed at helping others, I am no longer going to do it. Not to gain likes, followers, blogger awards, (not that I don’t appreciate those;) and recognition.

Here’s how I am not writing for an ‘audience’ anymore. I will be sharing from the depths of my complete honest experiences. If I find inspiration, I will write on it. In that moment. Not after I’ve had an edit opportunity. I will write from fresh from the moment. The intention is to be inspirational, real, honest, but mainly to help others. I will put the new perception into ‘action’ here on j9sopinion.com. I am helping someone great! If not, that’s great too because it is still helping me to remain connected, with my experience regardless.

Long term goal is to look back a while from now, and see the experiences change and the writing strength grow. I will use this post, from the past to not get caught up in numbers again. I will use this post for the off days in writing.

As always, I thank you all for stopping by and sticking around til the end. I look forward to many stories to relate to between us.
The easy way for me to communicate lol: CHECK Out what we’re up to while we’re gone on INSTAGRAM<<Link<< in photos lol.

Many Blessings,
JayNine xoxo (…that’s my pinterest link for all you wanting to see what else goes on in this head lol…)

12 thoughts on “A Simple Write

  1. ~I am not writing for an ‘audience’ anymore. I will be sharing from the depths of my complete honest experiences.~ I find that hard to do myself, but I think that is the BEST way to be!!


    • Thank You!
      It IS very hard to do. the struggle for ME behind that is that I do not like to offend people. intentionally, or unintentionally. i only worry about ppl being angry or hurt by my words.
      i also have a VERY LOW FILTER since whatever i went through when my LO turned 18 months, and I haven’t been able to control it since. I have a quarter of my blog writes, saved in draft, constantly attempting to shorten them and keep from offending. I also am NOT a specialist in any sort of anything. I just want to share my experiences. I dread the reader that comments on the grammar, misinterprets, and condemns my opinions.
      That, is my absolute truth.


  2. Oh gosh, this could be directly from my own experience. Learning to write for the love of others, to share for them, is monumental. It’s ongoing and I have to be reminded of this all. the. time. I’m a slow learner. Writing is only satisfactory when it encourages, inspires, evokes a laugh from, or challenges someone else. Thank you for writing this! It is a fantastic reminder.


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    • AttA-Boy! Keep on makin’ em smile ;)

      I SOO appreciate the compliment. You know how hard this writing gig has been for me recently. As soon as I decided to let go of the outcome, something shifted ;) Without the comments and encouragement from readers/follows, I would have given up a loooong time ago. I just couldn’t stay away from communicating with you all.

      I hope everyone takes a look at the FREE AWARD too! It’s a chin lifter for someone somewhere around here.
      JayNine xo


      • Some blog and don’t give ANYTHING away, some blog their souls away lol
        I do and I decided, I am going all the way.
        I keep something back, we have to right?
        But it has helped me and I know it helps others.

        So Win/Win ;-)



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