Your WordPress Family Award

Time for a simple fresh “WordPress Award”. A blogger buddy of mine here on WordPress, has appointed me as a receiver of this little award, with big meaning. “The WordPress Family Award” A badge, photo, title, position, I have been gifted; and honorably accept, to forward and ‘appoint-nominate’ you!

Introduce you the Creator and the award nominator: “Praying For One Day” is a blog by (About) Shaun who posts about his daily struggles with his normal life, followed around by his 2nd shadow, chronic pain. STILL, he’s a very present Father of 4 beautifully different children. Shaun offers us a glimpse into his world, his space, sense of humor, candor, trials, tribulations, lessons and successes. I find his posts, witty, interesting, some down right funny, heart-felt, purely honest; and definitely inspirational and encouraging. We each comment words of support, on each others posts and even when we’re not, I know he’s there.


The essence of the WordPress Family Award, is just that:
I know I can count on Shaun, and the people, behind the blogs I am about to list, as I can count on like my own family. I can even count on (and appreciate) some folks here, than some of my ‘real’ family members. WordPress, it’s bloggers, my follows, followers; and even the random comment-er have and can, lift my spirits, encourage me to go forward, inspire me to create, to understand, encourage me, teach me; to laugh, alot, to shift my (messed up contorted and twisted) perception, lighten my heart, my load; and help me continue to fight through the toughest of times (and circumstances)!

Go Ahead! It’s simple!
Here’s What To Do.

1. Display the Award logo on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. Nominate 10 others you see as
having an impact on your wordpress experience and family.
4. Let your 10 Family members know you have awarded them.
5. That is it. Just please pick 10 people that have taken
you as a friend, and spread the love.

Drum roll please * * * MY “WordPress Family Award” Members Are: (in random order)

1. ‘Fascinations of a Vanilla Housewife’ strength, support, honesty, and a sister in the
Orange Rhino Challenge

2. Mrs. Sandra, at ‘The Adored Home’ inspirational in decor, diy-er; an incredibly wonderful mother! The blogger to nominate me for my very first award!

3. ‘the DisSocial Mom’ if we knew each other in real life, she’d be my BFF!

4. ‘Mummy Flying Solo’ the very first find of a ‘single’ mother blog here on WordPress! Supportive, encouraging, and very understanding, bright blogger.

5. ‘IHaveAnOpinionIdLikeToShare’ a candid look into the truths that some are afraid to share (some seem straight from my brain!) No One can hit the nail on the head, on the most serious and difficult to say words, on any topic; and with more skillfully, funny, honest, precise, expressions. I long to write as clearly as this woman does!

6. ‘The Adventures of Miss Fanny P’ talented writer, mommy, supportive, honest; also a part of the
Orange Rhino Challenge

7. SistaSertraline of ‘Phoenix Flights’ because, she knows who she is. Plus, shes a talented writer and a real person.

8. ‘Cranky Caregiver’ because,EVERYONE needs a ‘Granny’ in life!
I love this one!

9. ‘White Lady in the Hood’ well, you can just imagine the humor from this child-expert, blogger, inspirational laughter; just from the title of her blog lmao

10. ‘Normal is the New Boring’ Fantastic Mommy with a preemie, their trials, successes, and honest shares about their experiences in life now.

Through the communications I have had with the people behind these blogs, I feel I have created a family here. A support system that can be relied on! I have experiences on many other blogs, blog hosts, social media places, (click here to find me, literally everywhere) but, the audience quality here is just different. I get a sense of belonging, fitting in, acceptance, empathy, understanding, and family here. If I had the perfect family out here, it would include each and ever one of you, above. You all have a special place in my thoughts and heart.

And, just another mention to the wonderful ‘random (supportive) commenters’ : I haven’t experienced on the net responses quite like yours. Supportive, honest, genuine, and helpful. Above all else, a ‘one of a kind’ people. I am extremely grateful, consider your thoughts, and think of you, often. Kudos to you (un-link-able) here! Many Thanks.

In closing, I can only hope to inspire you all as incredibly much as you have me.
Love you Long time!

JayNine xo
Pssst…This was such an amazing idea Shaun! Thank You! Remember to follow his adventures while “Looking for Reasoning To A Complicated World”

29 thoughts on “Your WordPress Family Award

  1. Awwwww thank you so much for this gorgeous award. I totally agree, it is a really family vibe here. I have a couple of other award posts to get to but when I’m finally caught up I will get to this one. THANK YOU so much for thinking of me for this one. It means a lot xxx


  2. OMG. Earlier you managed to make me smile with the Warrior Award and now this. Do you read minds? How did you know that I badly needed a hug today? Well this is one great hug for me! Thank you very much, you have been an inspiration as well as a friend to me here in the blogosphere. <3


  3. Brilliant acceptance.. x
    You have a big heart and it speaks to the right parts of us all.

    “To people we see as family, but never meet”



    • Wow THAT’S Perfect!!! I hope this award goes further than just US! Can I send it o a wordpress admin I have been working with for a long time? Or do u think there might be a copyright issue? Maybe we just leave it here xo


      • You can send it to whom you like..There are no Copyright issues.. If anything this Award “PROMOTES” Word Press..It has been on the go for 4 months and no issues..Yeah send it.
        If anyone has an issue with it they have to tell many, you see, everytime someone gets this awarded, I get a pingback, and its well into the thousands now, most blog pages are showing my little award, not just us two, lol thousands of people would have to delete it, and it would be a bit childish and petty…So I think we are fine… I am friends with a few Admin here also, never had an issue.. Had issues with one, but that 1 person was just stuck up their own backside…
        I think it’s because I have 140 I was told..
        I don’t really care. The person was childish and rude.
        People come here to care and help, and all this award, out of the other 200+ created by other users fly about no problem. We are all a part of Word Press, maybe 1 or 2 are just a BIT too much a part.. lol..
        I help with a Facebook, Word Press page to help people who are new here to work it. So, again, we are all here to help. I lose no sleep over people who think they are above other people. If I was to tell you I was a Multi Millionaire, would you treat me any different?
        No I don’t think you or anyone else does…Nice place here..
        Sorry for the rather long reply.. lol



  4. wel, after the morning from hell (with no shouting allowed from me) THIS is great! It has made me smile and cheered me up no end. Thank you so much.
    And you are so right – it IS lovely how we are “in touch” behind the scenes too. :-D
    Thank you thank you – i will try to do this tonight (after 90210!)


  5. Thank you so much for the mention! You seem like an extremely nice person and great mom AND you are very beautiful. Your kids are so lucky to have you and I’ve been reading about your Not yelling rule parenting style – pretty amazing. I guess you should know, though, I don’t have any kids…but I’m very fortunate because I work with about 530 amazing ones!Thanks again!


    • LOL, Im so like that–skip the facts and get to the goods lmao! Well, you deal with MORE children than I have so you’re a qualified mother to ME! I just adore your shares so much! Keep on pushing hunny, one this too shall pass! and thanks for the clarification lol!


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