Wordful Weekend

I may not have all the words,
I may not have all the answers,
but, I do have you;
and WE

…your supportive Mother
and friend,
Jeanine H xo

classic ceramics from ‘MB Arts Studio’

second image
If there was any one way I had to sum up my entire life’s parenting experiences, this quote would be it.

Many discussions, disturbances, disagreements, and progress have been encountered this week amongst myself and those in our lives, surrounding my 4 year olds ‘development’. Each time I practice an idea, tip, or advice sourced from other parents (on line or our circle) I find myself learning more than teaching. I have said in the 4 years, especially:
My Children are the Teachers, and I, their Student.”


I have tried and succeeded, failed, tried again, failed, succeeded, at becoming the parent my children could love and especially look up to. Endless efforts have always been in place in my life, to parent without raising my voice. For the most part, I could go about 2-3 weeks of success. Something inside me could not let go of the parenting character defects, that have plagued from from the beginning of time.

Basically, I grew tired of hearing the sound of my own voice (I still do somedays lol) and I found this life changing challenge from another (truly inspiring Mommy) Blog. My master volume button has been set to ‘LOW’. Somedays, Slowly. Finally. For today. ‘One Day at A Time‘ I face this personal endeavor, with the reverence, willingness, and loyalty of the most dedicated Christian disciples (let’s say)…(Here is the scoop for parents looking for help with their parenting skills, or just to share your support here, for this community challenge)

everything is going to be ok

Sending you all prayers of blessings, enjoyment, and life’s best, this day and everyday.
Happy Weekend,
Jeanine H, and Girlz ;)


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