Low Dose Mom’s

Just a quick note: this is my Wordless Weekend post, just completed, today…enjoy

I’m sitting on my steps, indulging in my only remaining ‘crutch’: a cigarette.
(Ok, so 2 crutches remain: coffee is my new poison).
Comfortably, on the wet cement stairs, while resting next to me, is the worlds strongest Queen Bee–literally! She’s been poisoned multiple times, her holes been filled entirely with insulation poison, and like a queen pest would: she still travels around every little obstacle we’ve presented her! Our only request is that she MOVE; and, Shes still here!!!

And as I sit I wonder:
Would her sting be feirce? Would it wound me deeply? Is the saying of the Queen doesn’t sting, true? Do I want to find out? As she whisps by my ear…I think not but, I don’t run! Would her poison run through my veins deeply? Would I recover? Would it be better than being inside?

See, my Mother is visiting, for her ‘once a weekend drop-in coffee’ treat that as she states: “Is great cause, SHE didn’t have to make it!” Yet, as she sips the microwaved version from my morning coffee pot, I am so sure somewhere inside she’s thinking: “the least that girls could do for me after all I’ve done is make me a fresh pot! after how hard I work everyday…Sheesh!” How would I know what she’s thinking? It’s written across my Mothers eyebrows…

I can only handle my Mother in low-doses. Positive too, that by her verbal arrows she throws, the feeling is mutual! lol!

My Mother is built with the same worlds strongest Queen Bee qualities, skills, talents; all of the above. No matter the obstacles of positivity I attempt to shield myself with, and attempt to extend to her verbally; my mother is installed with the absolute ability to shoot your ideas and offerings of empathy right between the eyes! She stings, she wounds, she’s poisoned; with negativity. She’s a single mother, hard-working, ok workaholic actually, warrior type mom, froze hell herself and flew back again, climbed the corporate tower swiftly perfectly through her careers. After losing a 23 year stand at the top position to the company bankruptcy; she’s gone from bottom, and back up to a pretty great position at new place. She Hates. Great.
Is she: Happy? NO. Financially comfortable? NO. Poor? NO.

And although my mother has a sting of a bee, with her words, and her tactful bitchiness: I admire that quality, actually. I practice that talent myself and strive to better at it; plus I have started to teach my daughters same. It’s a useful skill when used correctly. Even though she wounds and poisons with her complaints of her horrible “life”, her soreness, over-worked, under-paid, for a house she doesn’t get to enjoy, bcuz of a raccoon, or my teenage brother, work, bills, bills, bills, bills; her car, its payments” …(as i drive a fucken four wheel plastic wagon through the iced streets but, I dare to voice because I have limbs) whatever you think you have ‘BAD’,my Mothers got it WORSE. In case you need a friendly reminder of how blessed you really are, try a weekend visit. It’s Wordless alright! Means, I can’t say shit! And, we should all remember “at the end of the day, you should be lucky you have your legs and a home to begin with, you may not even have tomorrow” (<em but… how true is that..)

However, whatever poison the sting of her whines, complainants saddened unhappiness, in-ability to see that I too suffer somedays, contains; this woman is my hero. She is a Warrior. A ‘Wonder Woman‘ I used to say in my youth. An Inspiration. She’s taught me Faith Gratitude Humility how to be humble and live to the fullest everyday. Inspires me to find my Own Way. The stings present me opportunities to SEE..to see my sad situation in a better light, her inability to sympathize has taught me not to search for sympathy but, to work for a Solution. Take Action rather than talk. Encouragement. Self motivation. NO Sympathy for my every hurt. But it’s a fuel to my fire. To me its what I don’t like but I utilize the most.

A saying I use constantly self-created statement I use as motivation and consistent reminders in my own personal experiences, from my mothers teachings:
You must be grateful for everything, when you have nothing.

No, Not a Mother’s Day post. Just inspired from my ‘Low Dose; just what I needed, this morning. (Saturday Morning Past, thanks to the kids lol)
What inspiration do you find from negative talkers, or postitive? Share an inspiration below in Reply section! And ya better smile, or I’m calling in my Mother to give your head a shake!

Thanks for sticking around for the Big Finish everytime, lol
JayNine xo

PS–I do have links saved for all of these photos and most can be found on one or more of my Pinterest Boards for purchase–no credit taken for ANY image here. all image rights belong to the links stored (ask & ill post them..too busy with life outside here, on WP however lol)

7 thoughts on “Low Dose Mom’s

  1. LOL…
    I liked that, the way you described here, like my Mum…
    But the respect and love through the “em, wisdom?” is there..

    Great blog..
    I feel like I would no annoy your Mom :-)



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