‘Boom’ with Me

LISTENor click Listen Live from homepage here

Well, since we all share about ourselves here as Mommy Blogers and become friends; I would like to invite you to come along with me on my monthly Road Trip today!

Let’s rock out, and take a trip down memory lane with ‘Boom‘! LISTEN NOW for special effects before reading..ready?!


Satisfaction, Rolling Stones
Flock of Seagulls – Duran Duran – DIAMONDS God I love that song – Tears For Fears – of course, some Floyd – “Hey kids,
ROCK ON’ Baby! LISTEN Loud!or download the APP!
Can you feel the vibes? ;)

Put yourself in the (empty) passengers seat of the new speedy‘Ford Focus’ (rental) while we fly through the rural quite roads of a handful of small towns, windows down, (a/c too expensive on gas) one arm sunburning its rest on the door ;) music blasting, off-tone singing screeching, perma-smile from the vibes of freedom–sharing in the same day-dream of driving off course away from home never to return. Like “Thelma and Louise”!!!


Can you feel the wind in your hair!?

CLICK THE LINK on your laptop, PC, android, iPhone, iPad:
LISTEN LIVE! with J9;)
NO, I am not a DJ or employeed by nor affiliated with “Boom 97.3fm” they are just my favorite ‘ME Time‘ theme music, making it time well spent! Check out the screenshot below:

Their DJ’s just have funny and unique sense of humours with punchy personalities and witty tongues–just like my blogger friends lol!

Hop-In! Hold On! and Smile! listening to bedt of 70’s 80’s 90’s Music and reflect with me on our childhood days; and not our children, for half hour!

Besides, I’d like to know if my American followers can receive this station on their PC or mobile devices, from here in Canada!?! Help me out ;)

Leave the ‘Listen Live’ link to your favorites, so I can joyride with you someday! OR Leave the link for their station home page anyway!


PS–If the LISTEN links don’t work try starting here, then to top right, click ‘Listen Live’

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