Dedicated Words of Wisdom


To all my Mommy Blogger friends here, my favorite reads, like ‘DonOfAllTrades‘ ‘TheDisSocialMom‘ ‘ihaveanopinionidliketoshare’ and beyond: you ALL KNOW whom you are…& if not, feel free to join us if you feel you qualify..!

I just wanted to say something sappy:

On a lonely sunny a little sad day for me; i thank you all for being here, sharing your stories, successes, for sharing in the insanity of my mind, for writing the words i cannot find, and for being thee real-est hon-est bunch of (crazy-ass) normal, down-2-earth bloggers around these parts…
for being here for me, and all your readers;
For just being

Cheers to the comfort an laughs you bring us here!

Jaynine xox

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