A Blue Bathtime

A little bath time trick I have been meaning to share with my mommy blogger friends, for few weeks now!

In our house, we use NEON food coloring for everything: from french toast, cupcakes, baking; and now, bathtubs. I know right!
The children will love watching the designs of the food coloring, slowly form and expand; before dissolving and blending, creating the full blue tub!
Who knew!? ;)

Did I take a risk staining my child and our (renters) bath tub–YES! Which Mother with a cranky child wouldn’t? The result, NO stains, a smiling and happy child now, a non-blue, non-stinky child, clean tub; and a calm Mom…


I have a slightly temperamental 4 year old (but who doesn’t at some point). Its part genetics, part experience, and partly my fault but, I take full responsibility, in assisting her to work through those frustrating moments; and my own. One technique is a warm bath. Sometimes she refuses and that’s when I had to practise what a mentor mom I have calls: “Creative Parenting”. Not just 1 thing works every time there’s a meltdown. So, when 1 stops helping, I have to creatively come up with another! That’s how the colored bath time was born:

Heres the specs:

don’t use coloring until water is done running: it just dissipates if use before tub full.

-I would suggest maximum 6 drops. depending on the size of the tantrum.

-buy a package of different colors, especially the NEON. keep them on hand in kitchen for tantrums and sleepless nights. the kids are going to ask for more!


And, for fussy bathers–If you use colored bathtimeonce, the kids will be asking to bathe!

We can always use more fresh ideas Moms! Please, share with us your tantrum calm down techniques,in the ‘Leave A Reply’ section below:

thanks again for stopping by,

7 thoughts on “A Blue Bathtime

    • No one can believe it honestly doesn’t stain–neither could i! Sheer stress the first time I used it! lol Thanks for commenting ;)


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