Of Awards and Spectacular Days

Award time again!
This time I have to thank my Nominator friend over at ‘The Dissocial Mom’–who’s a real, refreshing, inspiration to myself as an independent parent. This is the second award nomination I have received and Im grateful! but, I’m responding by acknowledging the other nominees rather than myself (and my own). I have decided to re-blog this post for all of my followers to see; so they can in turn find more Mom Bloggers for them to relate to.

All you have to do is follow back to the original post reblogged here, from Dissocial Mom’s Blog, titled ‘Of Awards and Spectacular Days’ take a look, click around on some links, and VOILÁ! A brand new list of deserving, inspirational, parenting blog writer Mom’s (& beyond) for you to follow (without the research ;)
These ladies spend their time sharing with us, their treasured experiences of wine, better days, children, husbands, trials, successes, and roses ;) for us to take comfort in.

Now, GO! Join in giving them a round of applause and have a round (of following) on me!

Stick around for some deeper posts to come from me, here at j9sopinion

Thanks Again for nomination! ENJOY–
JayNine xox




The Dissocial Mom

Boyohboyohboyohboy! More nominations! How exciting! Now normally I do response posts separate from my Saturday posts, but in the spirit of shaking things up I decided to make today’s post and my response post one in the same. I am just a crazy free spirit like that. Also just to be clear it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I couldn’t otherwise think of anything to write about today, that is purely coincidence.

From the lovely mama over at An exhausted mom’s journey to publication I have been nominated for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award! If you have yet to go over and have a visit at her blog, get your butt over there and have a peek!inspiringbloggeraward1

The second nomination comes from Kristy over at the very interesting-to-read blog Family, Friends and Everything in Between for the Bouquet of Three Award(s)! The Best Moment Award, The…

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