Take Me Back Tuesday!

PLEASE, “Take Me Back Tuesday”


Ohh how I long for the days of ‘Personalized Guitar Picks’

Along with re-decorating, re-arranging furniture, and re-de-cluttering consistently; Springtime around our home (on ‘ME Time’) is filled with the music of my youth.

I was born in…MID-late seventies, an era when music was music. It was not fully digitally created by a computer, it was designed to inspire the senses, create connections and communication, in an era that wasn’t ruined run by technology.

Source: etsy.com via Jeanine on Pinterest

A Tape Cassette Floor Light for the ambiance of the past today, a perfect find!

Although my blog is titled ‘j9sopinion’ I try to steer completely clear of firm standing ‘opinions’ probably, for fear of some form or another, of rejection, as I’m sure that’s what my elders would tell me! However, there’s just no hiding the truth about this fact: I do not enjoy much of the music ‘created‘ today. I much prefer a good ole slue of guitar solo’s, drum banging, smashing, acca-pella singing, songs of worship sure; even some good old head banging for all I care–point is, the ‘stuff’ they throw on the radio today doesn’t compare a penny to the classics of my past.


Hey Jude Framed Art Work, via Etsy

I say that all in the same breath, of enjoying ‘the Beatles‘ from my favorite Radio Station (<–click for a listen!) while it pumps out of my computer through their “on line player“(see why I stay away from opinions, always ends up with “foot-in-mouth-disease” ;0)

“Take Me Back Tuesday!” Back to the days flowers were touched, not touched up. Back to the irresponsibility and freedom of my youth. Back to the happiness of Happy Days and Yellow Submarine’s. Back to the Future.

Sing: “Here comes the Sun, and I say!”

If you’re looking for me I’ll be lying in a field somewhere, where I am late for nothing; gazing up at the clouds with my head laid back in the grass…Back with the grass that HAD pesticides on it, that I survived being Comfortably Numb in, for hours of relaxation. Days when you’d Stand By Me
(without a gun or a synthesizing digital program download…whatever that is)

Tune In, Turn it Up, and Take Yourself Back Today!
Forget for a moment…the troubles of today..and Let It Be

Source: etsy.com via Jeanine on Pinterest

    Strawberry Fields Forever Man,