iPhone Icicles

I must give credit to the Wordless ‘theme’ from an inspiring “Dissocial Mom Blog from here on WordPress.
Around here theres barely a second to breathe on weekends! Full of crafts, parks, family time, or is that ‘time outs’ anyway…welcome to our “Wordless Weekends”

I took these photos on our last ice storm here in ‘small town somewhere’, Ontario, Canada,
testing my iPhones focus abilities. Then, I remembered there is a blogger here
formally known as *My Glitching Mind* now: Markovicharts; whom always has photos of fences and thought I’d share them (cuz theres at least one audience for it)!
After finding a new phone camera effects app “<a href="http://www.macnewsworld.com/story/77787.html“>My PopAGraph” and off I went to create some seriously cool photos!

Check them out and if you have an iPhone, download the app; if theres ‘in app purchases’ for extra ‘tools’ BUY them! Spend the worthy $2.00 ;)
…Now, if I could only remember what each ‘Background’ and ‘Popped’ Area effect I used is called–sorry ;( …



These three top photos are actually the originals chosen from about 10 different these were best. They have the right blurred back with focus front (& reverse) that I was looking for.


Now, this was my first shot as using the PopAGraph iPhone app.





20130428-101714.jpgTHEN I GOT SILLY!


20130428-101826.jpg Of course, one for the kids and (poor tortured)pets.

I have been tirelessly trying to perfect my work with this app. I enjoy most sharing my little photo posts because truthfully, I don’t express words well and spend more time critiquing my writing–than actually Publishing posts!
And, Im getting tired of that frustration at self! Lol! GRR! I have picked up a University course self-paced for now, to assist in my writing process. Its all about willingness. In the meantime, from now on I’m giving up all the editing and just posting with you all my favorite family moments!

Sending Our Best to you All,

and Girlz

2 thoughts on “iPhone Icicles

  1. Very nice photos! Love what you did with them.
    Also thanks for following my blog :). I am looking forward to reading your posts as it seems like your life is similar to mine ( I have read a couple of your posts so far ).
    Take care!


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