Reformed Goddess

I tried to write a clever explanation
as to why the ‘Reformed’ part of this photo post means so incredibly much to me. Lately however, I have had much difficulty in writing with the ability to stay focused on the task at hand; it is something new for me.
It’s a Process… Good practice is to continue composing my little shares here on WordPress regardless.

I am a Reformed Domestic Goddess.
Based on much experience in childhood with a ridiculous perfectionist parent; and running into the other side of the world that lets say aren’t perfectionist–I have had my fair share of personal experience with both worlds:
I have had my own Cleaning Business for 7+ years (not accepting clients currently) with home cleaning, organizing, re-organizing, simple home-staging, plus extra errand and personal assistant jobs included. To the other end of the spectrum, in choosing to clean up the never-ending, ‘driving-me-crazy’ messes of others that I allowed to contribute to parts of my bad health–Unnecessarily I can see NOW! (Hind-sight IS 20/20)!

I judged and judged and cleaned and cleaned til I lost respect for those friends, family, and started to not stand myself for the messes I was leaving behind in my own house…It got really bad. I still have ‘bad days’.
But, MY TRUTH HAS changed.
It HAD to.
I had a second child whom is nothing like my first.
It was literally killing me to keep up.
I learned:
–If it’s never all done, then you’ll never catch up:
Not worth losing myself trying.
Leave it alone today, if it can be done tomorrow.

    Dirty dishes

CAN be done in the morning!
I can sleep through the night knowing the dishes will stillll being waiting to be done in the morning. Goes for any other part of the day or apply to any other chore.

    Baseboard Check

: my personal fav! When I’d train in my business I’d say: “You’re only as clean as your baseboards! So be sure your baseboards are clean”

    *New Solution:

Wall to wall home furnishings!
i.e. child toys, floor nooks, toy bins, toy shelves, toy kitchens, plastic dresser drawers, craft displays, line with books, add large comfy pillows for places to sit,
snuggle & read with the children….the ‘things’ that matter more.
Under the couch is not a daily priority.
When the 4 year old says, “whats wrong with the bathtub?” it’s time to clean the tub.
Dust-Bunnies DO Exist! … and they’re not as dangerous as presumed.
Grandma cleans houses
other than her own!
Letting dishes be washed by children in cool water, doesn’t get everyone sick!
If you don’t live here, Your opinion doesn’t matter.
If you live here and don’t like it, You can clean it! We are all Blessed with 2 arms 2 legs & more;)
I learned that the entire well-being of my entire family, people that visit (& know I was a spotless housekeeper), the entire rest of the world was NOT in FACT going to fall apart due to my home being:
I had to FIRE “Super-Mom”–she was completely useless to her children.
I FIRED the spotless house cleaner.
I FIRED the Domestic Goddess…
….All that remains from her are the pair of


gloves…And THIS Momma: loves her perfectly imperfect home and everyone in it, just the way they are. I LOVE listening and watching my children grow. I love SITTING–a concept I had not heard of until almost too late. I love my family. We are so Blessed to have each other and this TIME together is irreplaceable.Most Importantly, I cannot get back once gone, is the time spent with my children.I decided from experience and learning from watching others (a very special family member) that the most important, is time.
(My Lesson was: Cleaning is never done, so stop killing yourself trying.)
Has your opinion on cleaning house shifted by a cranky colic cuddler, or a cranky tempering toddler?

JayNine xo
*…I guess this post is kind of a thank you dedication to my cousin, you know whom you are, for constantly teaching me (& loving me) an immense amount of information regarding being a parent, children, and life itself; and for continuing to!
*Thank You. I Love You Cousin*
You “Reformed Domestic Goddess”You! LMAO!


5 thoughts on “Reformed Goddess

  1. My mother once said a very wise thing to me as I was on the verge of a child and mess induced nervouse breakdown. She said, “Trying to clean up after small children is like trying to sweep the sand of the beach.” Now I wait for low tide and pick up the trash, breathe in and wait for the tsunami.


    • OMGSH I am sorry I haven’t responded sooner–I’m not so good at this computer thing yetLOL!!! AMAZING when its put in those terms!!!! I can actually admit, now we DON’T have a dishwasher–I truly leave the dishes for TWO days (rinsed well) at a time now, WITHOUT hesitation you know…I just have too! My Mother is just starting to understand LOL thank you for these amazing words!,and thank your mom too! J9;)


  2. I like this post very much! I think you expressed yourself really well. I’m so relaxed in the opposite direction, I’m most people are appalled! But, you’re right, time with my husband and children is my first priority; this means that cleaning simply can’t be! One day maybe….


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