Small Sleeps Too

The “sleepToo” convertible sofa unit is a 72″ sleep surface, with sofa seating for ‘too’.

This sofa sleepers actually a medical unit type sofa. thinking it would be a perfect fit in a small space. Yet again, feeding my obsession with small spaces. Regardless of its medical reference, i had to share it anyway. Don’t remember through what website I found this unit but, I have the product details here:

Sleep Sofa Link

Some of the features sourced from the website link are:
–Classic style features a simple full front design
–Integrated table offers versatility beyond the typical sleep sofa
–Adjustable table accommodates a variety of activities at three heights
–Pneumatic assisted sleep surface conversion
–Five lengths are offered for multiple spaces
–Legs styles are offered in wood, metal or as a plinth base

Find more of the sources I use here on my Pinterest Board: “Contained Ideas”

(Photos and information straight from Source Link same as above)





2 thoughts on “Small Sleeps Too

  1. WOW!!! I have been trying to explain the purpose for all my small space shavings on my what is supposed to be personal blog but I have now found my scapegoat–it is for angelcscalliwags that I MUST share all of the innovative small space designs I find!! YAY! Have i told u lately how wonderful you are? Thank you thank you !! LOL J9;) xo


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