Small Space Bed


In case you missed it, my biggest obsession is small space design.
Since I was a child actually, I’ve sketched my idea of a home or space in a home, in the weirdest settings. The best design I’d draw, draw, and redraw, including organizational drawers, dressers, hangers, and round windows, was a home in the play set at my local childhood park. Funny now too because theres a trend in penthouses in the luxury market that have installed slides through the floors of their unique builds. In the meantime, I have a collection of ideas, fav spaces, innovative designs, and small home build inspirations here on my Pinterest Board “Contained Ideas”
The title comes from the last 2 years of research on building a home with a Shipping Container Home. Yep! Shipping Container. Theres tons that are garbage and still have some life left in them, just rotting away. There’s many already being utilized in places like the Philippines for temporary homes and disaster shelters.(More from blogger and shipping container home expert here on WordPress and on internet)

Here I have found the perfect bed design for any space really, for many reasons too lol. To never have it boring in the bedroom is on idea. Mine is more of a Single Mom idea, to snuggle with all my children together comfortably and in style with multiple seating and ‘shnugging‘ space, leg room, reading room available, this bed is going to be the focal point in my dream home master bedroom! Take a look at the photos for examples below and follow up with the designer bed featuredd on DesignBoom’s website, for all of the design details!



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