A Little Bit of Patience

A quick post for the day!
Update on Easter with the girls & fam:
(These are the photos in order, of the Egg gift F was given Sunday from Grandma…)

F received her second ever watch and wait to crack chickadee egg LOL Last Easter, was our first. He was a Dinosaur in an Egg we melted in super hot water and ripped apart because, we were too impatient to wait. Plus, we were a year younger then too!

This Easter Egg taught us much more…As my Mother kept reminding F yesterday: “a lil bit of patience goes a long way”. (My Mother does well reminding others to be very patient lol ;). Having no clue what Grandma was talking about, F went straight back to “Thats Right Grandma! Did you see my chickadee?! Its growing!” For the eleventeeth time; with complete disregard for the pep talk she just received.
(Im seriously still giggling;)

It seems that lately more of the teaching has been done by the student herself. Patience. Sharing. Quality Time. And especially teaching me more about the experience of patience itself, rather than just how to correctly place the word into a sentence. I would be no where worth being, without the lessons of my children.

Until Tomorrow Be Blessed an Well,





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