So Much for History


Another attempt at a homeschooling lesson this one about
History–looks like the Lesson was for Mom!

I learned:
Everyday I want it to be a Lesson day, its not always going to be, a Lesson day.
Every moment of lesson is playtime.
Everyday I think I taught her, I learn “Herstory” … I learn a little more of my-story.

Every idea I have is not going to work perfectly.
I am not in control every minute.
I Learned I like to not be in control every minute: I can let go and learn more that way.
Just because Im not teaching, doesn’t mean shes not learning.
I love watching my daughter play.
I love watching her learn at play.
Every time we play, I learn more about my daughter.
Every time we play, I learn about myself.

And just when I think I know–I learn that I have much to learn.

What an open-minded happy place to be!
Willing to learn, leaves me open to new experiences…with my-self, my children; my life…
How Blessed are we to be free to learn.
How Blessed are we to be learning with God, Everyday.
I ask God that He always make me willing to learn.

Have a

    Happy Easter


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