“I Wish I had a River “…


…that I could sail away on”
Isn’t that the way the song goes?!

Ok, I have only a quick post moment–I have been trying to fix my WordPress.com Blog design all day, and now there’s not a moment left to post. I am also no more ahead, than when I started 3 hours ago ;(
Maybe someday I will get this thing. Another for tomorrow’s To-Do’s!

In the meantime, I did find a very sweet sleek new LEXUS Design Contest Winners Boat, I’d like to sail away on away from all the technology perfectly named: “The Calm Kayak”–(source link: http://www.designboom.com/design/lexus-design-award-2012-winners/ )

I try to find time in everyday for some slow breathing and a moment of visualization to rejuvenate. I refresh at the thoughts of being on an open calm watered river with stunning surroundings…I feel the warm breeze through my unshaven legs and
Ahh yes, swiftly thinking along the currents, just drifting me away from the stresses of everyday.
Ahhh, there I go, until, I bump hit a rock, go over some falls, crack the simple umbrella and realize during my peaceful meditation that, no matter where I go–there I am. At least the waters were refreshing!
Lol, I get a good laugh, tie my flip flop laces, and off I go! A brave smile on my face and armor in hand, for the time ahead with my tumultuous LO and sarcastic Teen…
Until tomorrow, Smooth Sailing wishes to you all!

What do you do in your day Mom’s/Followers, to PAUSE for relaxation and regroup?
(*Hey You! Yes, YOU!*
I hope that clicking on the direct title of this post in opening it in a new space, will allow for Commenting–Can You try? If nothing works, keeping coming back; I’ll get someone over to figure it out sooner or later!)

Leave your little moment in the Comments below:
JayNine ;)

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