Don’t Let Comparison Steal Your Joy


As a newbie in blogging (with very little time to do so) I find myself spending more time reading, trying to keep up with trends, or attempting to compose the best readable worded blog out there–for popularity instead of the real reason I started blogging.

What’s the reason? To share my personal experiences and some opinions on them, in hopes that those shares will help Someone Else…that’s all I’ve ever wanted to do in my life. Help others. I do that but, have less and less time in real life and found an outlet here in blogging world.
My Solution: No Complaining or Comparing–Starting Monday, my solution is to go back to basics. First sharing whatever experience rings true to my mind on the days I blog: Monday, Tuesday, Thursdays, and the occasional; like today.

I hope the coming posts I hope you find something within them that bring you comfort, understanding, acceptance, or just plain entertainment.

I can only BE ME–and you can be whoever you want to here! Feel free to leave a Comment below or not too ;)

**This photo and post was inspired by another blogger that I felt I could relate to here: with a link to the photos PRINTABLE FREE copy for you & I to remember:
‘Don’t Let comparison steal your joy’
or mine, in blogging or anyth-ing!**
J9;) c u 2morrow ;)

3 thoughts on “Don’t Let Comparison Steal Your Joy

    • Beautiful and the quote was a wonderful reference thank you ;) Oh n I hope u don’t mind but I’ve re blogged an mentioned u a couple times in a couple blog spots about the pond post. I wanted to share it with my family and close friend and followers! I also used it as inspiration for newest post and gave u all the credit! I hope that’s ok with u! ;) Have A Blessed Day, friend in Jesus,


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