Be Still and Know…


At the end of my frustrating weekend and start to the week, I have to LISTEN…instead of saying so much, I haven’t written much this weekend. Everyone, every blogger, is a person, with real issues behind the scenes of their lovely picturesque lives and homes–they’re leading lives.

This statement is my words of the week I suppose. Having completed a task, I will now just sit back and await the response–leaving the outcome to GOD.

Whatever your faith or belief this week, an old wise owl once said:
“the more I listen the less I talk, the less I talk the more I hear”–
I will do my best to listen more than I speak this week. Hopefully, I will have time to post again soon.

Try listening in the silence for the answers, instead of bringing YOUR ANSWERS, to HIM (or your creator, divine guidance, spiritual leaders, whatever it may be)… Await THEIR guidance. Listen more.

Lovingly in Spirit,
Jeanine H/J9;)

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