French Breakfast Follow Up

I posted yesterday a quick post of one photo of our “Chocolate OverLoad French Toast“. If you haven’t yet read it or tried chocolate chips on your french toast ever…I recommend you head to the kitchen NOW! The process is simple, add TONS of chocolate chips, after flip, to slightly warm on the french toast, before serving, hot with syrup (yes, still add syrup). WARNING: highly addictive due to the high cocoa content.
As you can see in the photos, we use multiple chocolate chips: milk chocolate, white chocolate, and swirl of the two! My personal favorites are swirl and white…mmm!

This is not however about the french toast right now. This is about my suggestions of the type of bread to use for fun for you and the children too! It’s just “Crustless Bread“! I found this bread by accident at the back of the bread section at our local grocery store. Search and you will find. I have a VERY BUSY, easily bored almost 4 year old; whom gets tired of the same old foods weekly. Actually, until finding this bread specifically, she’d never really enjoyed or finished an entire sandwich! A great additive for Picky Eaters (we’ve all got at least ONE).
Now, due to its fun ability, she can make the sandwich herself (Mom helps with butter knife cuts), gets to play and roll her food around, smiles at her creation, and all before eating it! Really, is there any other way for a child to eat their food?

Follow the photos for the pictures of the precise name brands but basically, its


. I am sure its generally used at Banquet Halls or could see these delights on the table of Afternoon Tea Parties, but I have to remain creatively on duty. For healthy options yes Mom’s, it also comes in Whole Wheat. Take notice especially to the multiple sandwich folds, cuts, and creations you can make within the photos on the back of the packaging. Comes with 5 uncut overly long large slices of regular bread–with ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES!

Outside of the missing photos of melted broiled cheese on the tops of tiny rolls of sandwich meats; here, are a 2 pix of the uses we’ve tried:

I am not sure if sold in America but, Google the name brand and I’m sure you can source it easily from your local grocers!

Happy Sandwich Sharing,







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