French Breakfast


I did it already, i missed yesterdays blog post ;( on my 365 Blogging commitment. As a result, this morning I am indulging in a guilty pleasure and comfort food in our home: my Chocolate Chip French Toast!
Ahhh yes, but not just the regular chocolate chips. A tasty mixture of milk chocolate and white chocolate swirls, chocolate, and white chocolate chip blend. All for appearance purposes only of course ;) I add a special secret ingredient that just warms up the taste buds before the cocoa overload experience. (A capful of Vanilla Extract) into the eggs and milk.
If you haven’t tried this before here’s your WARNING: sweetness overload approaching!
If you’re not a sweets person, it might not be right for you. Maybe start with one side, minimal chips, until your buds get used to it–cause they will (mine did)
In this picture I have used the best bread I have found for the kids! Its crustless white bread, who knew right!? (hey, ill post a photo of the bread next post)
Don’t worry Moms, its available in whole wheat as well!

Well, I’m off to eat breakfast before my next post!

Do you have a special, sweet, family treat your little ones or you, enjoy for comfort on a rough day?
Share a link to your treat for us to try in the Comments below. Or, try ours and leave your Review!

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One thought on “French Breakfast

  1. mmmhh looks delicious!!! I love baked apples with butter, cinnamon and brown sugar!! Julie used to make them for me…mmhh…my favourite! I l learned a new recipe and it’s extra tasty!!

    Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2013 15:08:57 +0000 To:


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