Container Living

Container Living

The Shipping Container lifestyle, was introduced to me by two characters. This is one specific source that I can credit to the beginning of an unending obsession to discover all I can about the creation of Container Homes.
This is Matt Wilkie. He is an artist of sorts and a blogger alot like myself; not sure whats going to come out each day and it might be personal vents, might not! (His Gravatar profile)

Matt Wilkie is a gentlemen whom works diligently in the industry of Shipping Container Homes. His work extends to long stays overseas mainly in the Philippines, working with locals (and more), on sustainable, affordable, and disaster relief housing–typically with the use of Shipping Containers. On his website Matt shares his personal and professional trials and tribulations with us, sometimes in the rawest refreshing ways. Shares include, a unique genuine expression of truly caring about his fellows, which sets his work apart from the norm. Having lived in the Philippines with his wife and family, Matt’s own personal experiences with Container Living abilities have been hands on working in this field for years. For refreshing and at times comical views on container living, corruption, and architectural knowledge, take a click over to Twitter @ContainerLiving

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