In Memory of #RIPAmandaTodd

RIP Amanda Todd

we must speak up #TalkAboutIt Talk about Suicide and horrifying events that happen during our adolescents with our children, more importantly to LISTEN for them.

SERIOUS POST … click link below for details on amanda-todd-suicide-2012

This video, story, situation, happens more than we think.
(I believe our newspapers have a Ban on printing about Suicides)
Just because we don’t hear about them doesn’t mean they don’t happen.
PLEASE, keep in contact with your children because essentially that’s all this girl was, A Child. A month after this video was shot (or so I read) the most TRAGIC Ending occurred…
I wish I could’ve helped.
Suicide Prevention MUST be available to everyone including in our Schools. Period.
LAST Month was: “Suicide Prevention Month”!?!
Watching Amanda Todd video,
my thoughts were LOUD:
“Where Was I? How did Amanda Todd just slip through the cracks?”
Yes theres so many more and this is not the only tragedy but it rang true and too close to home for me…Tears ran all afternoon watching her video.
Emotions were on HIGH:
I could Feel the GUTT-WRENCHING Agony of experiences of my Youth, swelling up my throat and Burning my Eyes….
It Tore at my Heart. The Fear. The realistic Fear that convinced me to my core of nothing EVER getting better, EVER… It overwhelmed me as i watched her word pictures flip one.. By one…and, time stopped when the last was shown…
….”I Have Nobody”….
(still ringing in my ears)
I have been there more times than I can honestly count…

Understandably, I may get disagreements or some backlash for saying this but, I believe we must implement in School Curriculum (possibly in Health Subject, Gym, alike). There Are ways we can make it about “Celebrating A Life and (Sharing) it’s Difficulties”. Along those lines. There are more than just a small handful of Tweens and Teens in our Schools that are suffering secretly with these types of undetectable emotions, where providing more information FREELY (ie in curriculum) MIGHT Encourage students to understand which thoughts are ‘normal’ or developmental at their stage; or if they’re something worth seeking help with… The ‘follow up’ with student that seeks help, is a whole other blog series because its just as detrimental to their security and self worth! Thats one SUGGESTION as to How a Suicide Prevention Message CAN and should be sent across to our young adults/kids.
I had similar experiences to Amanda Todd’s. I felt the loneliness. Ive ran away. Ive switched Schools. Ive been bullied. I’ve been in terrifying threatening situations from Mobs of people my age whom I thought I could trust. Ive felt like theres no way out.
We need to provide a better Way Out for these emotions and children, other than this.
I turned to no one because I thought I was the ONLY PERSON going thru this in the world…
I Firmly believe “NoOne Dies In Vain”.. With just as much Firmness, i Refuse to allow Amanada’s Suicide be in Vain.
I VOW to Stand Up–
for myself and others being Bullied
I VOW to Speak Up–I Admit vulnerably here that Im guilty. In past I overheard terrible comments about a fellow student from a teen in a coffee shop and was afraid; I said nothing–
I REFUSE to Keep Quiet Again!
I VOW to Listen Up–to my daughters and all whom approach me or i hear are sufferring!
I VOW to Amanda and all whom are suffering to DO whatever I can in my power to be the Voice of Bullied everywhere–cyber or real life.

VOW with me.
Leave an experience that you’ve had bully or bullied–
How This Story Changed YOU.
If Amanada Todd only knew me and if I only knew her…20121012-171051.jpg

Thank You Jim Richards at NewsTalk Radio1010AM for posting,sharing and talking about this video on your ShowGram yesterday…

RIP Amanda Todd

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