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Lately, I have been finding some seriously creative paper crafting blogs. So wonderful in fact, that I have re-blogged them here. Take a look through the links to post, at a different type train set DIY, via Lullaby Diaries.
Jeanine ;)

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A couple of months ago I went to Ikea and came home with their famous train set. I love that kind of toy because it’s simple and made with wood. Then one day I discovered this diy and decided to make my own custom train set. Yes friends this is an Ikea hack and I LIKE IT!

You will need:
– Ikea train set
– color cardboards
– scissors
– pencil
– acrylic paint
– paint brush

You will have to:

1. Paint the wagons with the colors of your choice and let them dry.
2. Draw your mountains, houses, clouds and trees on the different cardboards and cut them.
3. Arrange all you figures around the train set et voilà!


Hace unos meses fui a Ikea y volví a casa con su famoso juego de tren. Me encanta ese tipo de juguete porque es sencillo y es de…

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Kids Free Printable {re-blog}


Follow through this re-blog to the link for Lille Huset‘s original post, where you will find the unique paper playground printable free, for your enjoyment. Lille Huset is a modern toy company based in Indiana that carries only eco-friendly kids toys.

Lille Huset are designed in Chicago and Made in Indiana. Visit their website and social media networks below , for more well-designed paper fun. Get started on simple pretend play with your kids today. Exploring their website you will also find links to video tutorials for childrens learning through their one-of-a-kind materials.

The “Lille Huset Imagine Your World” paper-playset, is available in their creative webshop. Soon, I will be sharing my review of their products as I receive my order! I’m super excited!

<This Weekend ONLY Saturday and Sunday Lille Hauset products are on SALE! Its a flash 50% OFF, 2-day ONLY SUMMER SALE that is not to be missed!

Be sure to visit Lille Hauset:
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I discovered “Lille Huset” from some major creative bloggers over at ““–An excellent source of creativity from an art Mom blogger and fine designer.

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What unique craft projects have you and your littles created lately?

Jeanine ;)

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Originally posted on Lille Ideas for lille huset doll houses:

Well, we know the weather is going to be nice soon enough so we thought we would send along some warm weather love with our new paper play free download! Enjoy!


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Having A ‘Note-a-Graphic’ Afternoon


Just a quick note to all my friends, brothers, sisters, and family out there on this sabbath Sunday…

{ I created this well designed, simple word image, via the Notegraphy App, available in the iTunes AppStore. Click through for other users photo examples onInstagram, using the #HelloNotegraphy #notegraphy hashtags. Also, follow them @HelloNotegraphy }

No matter what country, culture, background, no matter if you pray standing, sitting, or meditate lying down, no matter if you are rich are poor, you are all my ‘brothers’ and I pray for you through the power of The Lord and Our Saviour Jesus Christ, today ;) Amen.

Yours Kindly,


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Homemade Pixie Dust Recipe

LO has been asking and asking and asking since watching Disney’s Tinkerbell and The Pirate Fairy, to make our own Pixie Dust. (She’s got high hopes for her Moms creativity levels, let me tell ya’!)

I honestly kept saying yes with the hopes she’d soon forget the idea all together! Hey, no need to get mad, its not like I really wasn’t ever going to do it. This was not an activity I was looking forward to doing with my destroyer! I could see it now….  the food-colour-dyed Epsom salts all over our apartment, in the cracks of our newly laid laminate flooring, and her hair, oh her hair…Oh the four day hair washing that already comes from playground sand. & now add salt!? inside? us ? salt!??  oh no no no! … (dyed salts were the only idea I had in mind at the time)??!!! Oh Perish the thought!! I imagined the worst and so I left all ideas alone.

Since Springs arrival (the Season, not the Weather!), I had been brainstorming. I’d been trying to figure out different things to do with sidewalk chalk! … Sidewalk Chalk, sidewalk chalk, every Easter, more & more Sidewalk Chalk!!!! We always have left over that I keep throughout the cold months, and end up throwing out in Spring cleaning!! This year, I was determined to find another use for them–and I finally did!
Our Bright IDEAS Out of that combination, our HomemadePixie DustRecipe was born. I have created a simple & quick, fool-proof recipe for making Homemade Pixie Dust! even the children can make!

{*Please read the PARENTS! section below post before performing this activity*}

TOOLS all you and your little pixie need are:

-  last years bits ‘n’ pieces of Sidewalk Chalk 

-  a handheld Cheese Grater

-  empty {cute} kitchen containers 

-  Dollar Store Glitter in choice colors

*During the preparation, watch my fingers Mum!

Get your LO to grip the handheld (cheese) grater, with one hand. *I use the smaller holed grater for best results. I haven’t tried regular sized because I was more worried about finger cuts with LO’s smaller fingers.

Second hand holds the chalk to perform the downwards scrapping action on grater, just like when grating cheese, right inside/over your containers. There’s really not much force required to transform the chalk to powder, making it simple for littles.

This produces the powder or dust like, effect from the chalk. Now, add about a couple handfuls tablespoons of glitter for sparkly results, and watch your eyes! I sent LO for a trial run, at the highest step to better watch the dust float through the air. I suggested with throw into the wind and air, so she didn’t just throw the glittery sparkles to the ground.

20140505-093556.jpg Our first batch of our Homemade Pixie Dust, was made up in our indoor chemistry lab aka, the kitchen. You can take always your tools outside and sit on the grass, as we did to prep our second batch. **You will NOT FLY but, let your imaginations soar!** I am sure your littles will have tons of fun!

….. and …. the first throw!!!??

20140505-131831.jpgIT WORKED! IT REALLY WORKED!!

TIP:  Since she was a young toddler, I have watched my daughters hand-use choices (I just couldn’t think of a better way to describe that) in all different activities. Mainly so I can assist her in future pencil holding and writing abilities.



Also due to her families history of ambidextrous habits and their artistic genes. So I'm trying to inspire a young Van Goughsue me lol! I actually encourage her to give both hands a turn in exercises like this. Give it a try with your children, and come back to report with your findings. I’d be interested in hearing them!

{cute}:  Your LO will be use this cute container to pinch ‘n’ toss the final product from. *For cute photo opportunities, we used our children’s (dated) stainless steal kitchen pot with lid (wind protector) from IKEA. As far as the photos are concerned, we don’t own a working digital camera, but I wish I did. However, even our iPhone-class photography results look amazing because, the children have so much fun with this activity in the mix!

please, remember to have fun! Think like a kid today ;D

JayNine xo

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You might want to consider a few of these warnings before doing this activity. This pixie dust does not make anyone fly. Be aware of the ideas you’re sharing with pretending. One knowledgeable of your childrens age and maturity levels when pretending. :) Watch your childrens fingers during prep, or with any sharp tools. Watch childrens eyes during activity. You might want to warn and remind the children consistently, not to throw the dust at each others faces, or eyes, but into the air instead. Use outdoors only. Chalk colors if get wet might stain clothing or hands. With all my warnings still, accidents do happen! Importantly, I am no chemical scientist, J9sopinion/I am not responsible for any such accidents thank you. I do not endorse nor oppose (and I am NOT paid or compensated in any form, for mention of any), the use, or purchase of, any/all mentioned products and/or ideas expressed. I am also not a real Walt Disney “Dust Fairy”–lol who knew right?! :)  No copyright infringements intended re: Disney.

 I DO Suggest highly, that ANY activity that involves even the slightest sharp of objects (or not) regardless of age or skill level, be done ALWAYS WITH ADULT SUPERVISION. This posted activity is NOT a suggestion to perform, but merely my shared personal experience;

Yup, Hoppy Easter I said It

Yup, a Happy Hoppy Easter to you all!

I have SOO many excuses reasons as to why I have not posted but, let’s talk about the far more beautiful I found this morning. Sorry kiddo’s this ones for the adults :D

Ok, QUICK, before the family arrives take a quick visit to find thee most beautiful Easter Bunny Bunting {plus, free quick printable} in the sweetest colors, available via The Sweetest Occasion.

Just print out the bunting (a simple pdf file) on cardstock, glue, hang on some string or ribbon and voila! The sweetest Easter decor! {{ Plus, visit the entire website while you’re there. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.}} You’ll be left inspired and craving to create more than the norm.

Here’s a photo (rights belongs to its creator) of this simple stunning Easter Bunting (or garland here in Canada) so you can have a taste of what to expect:


Here’s a peek at our one Easter Egg I made with LO yesterday LOL! Nothing like the Sweetest Occasion but, we had good intentions. (Forgive us, we’re both sick!) You guessed it FROZEN themed.


FYI– blown egg, dipped in neon blue liquid food coloring, DollarStore sticker mirror glued white teeny Pom poms on top like snow, and the rest is all hot glue gun and sprinkles :D {{ Next week I will share all our Easter projects late with you. They’re sure to inspire many other craft ideas for you and your children!}}

I have also been working on many more posts behind the scenes, to share with you over the coming Spring weeks for Moms and Children. I look forward to catching up with all of my WP Fam soon!

For now, have a Happy Easter from our family to yours, we pray you see and feel the experiences The Lord has set out for you today, and everyday.

God Bless,

JayNine and Girlz

PS ** Have you lost your creative inspiration to get involved with your childrens crafts and activities? It’s happened to us all. Things are looking up^^ Visit the links I’ve gathered on Pinterest –>> Childrens World, Childrens World 2 – Education, Kids Spaces (new*) hashtag #KidsSpaces. Now, the best board for last: Kids Art. Using the hashtag for my easy pin searching #KidsArt2014 and #KidsArt.

My Kids Art Pinterest Board was created recently inspired by the incredible batch of blogging moms. Don’t take my word for it go visit them on Pinterst now. Your arts’n’crafts world will never be the same:
Titled, the Rockin’ Art Moms **


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